What Do You Do With that Ticking Time Bomb in the Attic?


This headline is brought to you by the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR) which works to support resilience and recovery in global communities affected by war and conflict.

(FBI newsSome families of aging U.S. war veterans are finding unexpected, and highly dangerous, souvenirs among their loved ones’ belongings—ticking time bombs.

Service members either brought the devices home from their combat service or purchased them later. Most of the devices found today come from World War I (which the U.S. entered 105 years ago this month), World War II, Korea, Vietnam, or the Gulf War.

Known as military ordnance, these devices can remain intact for decades but explode without notice. They are highly dangerous, and only a trained bomb technician should handle them.

That’s exactly what the FBI’s bomb technicians do.

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Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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