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Psyc Symposium 2019

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Poster Award Winners

Practicum/Field Placement

Western State Hospital Field Placement
Keiva Brannigan & Emily Isola
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

School Counseling Field Placement Experience at Lacey Spring Elementary School
Kelsey Sullivan
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

Field Placement Experience at Sentara RMH LIFE Recovery Program
Kayla Pitchford
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo


Males Have Low Perception When They Face Rejection
Emily Zihal, Samantha Moseley, Robert Ford, Collin Gregg, Elizabeth Gott, Alyssa Kniffin, Amanda Powell, & Virginia Wright
Advisor: Dr. Melanie Shoup-Knox

Detection of Differential Item Functioning in the Ethical Reasoning Identification Test
Nicole Zapparrata & Allison Ames
AdvisorBrian C. Leventhal

Family of Origin Experiences and Young Adults’ Romantic Relationship Outcomes
Emily Isola
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

Reinforcer Valuation: Pigeons in a Rapid Demand Procedure
Nastos, C., Townsend, E., Fischer, P., DeLong, M., Brice, K., Roessel, R., & Turner, A.
Advisor: Dr. Dan Holt

Oral Presentations

The Effect of Physical Activity and Aerobic Fitness on Serum Gamma Glutamyl Transferase on College Students.
Valenti, D. & Mackey, G.
Advisor:  Dr. Jessica Irons

Early Social Pressures as Long-Term Predictors of Sexual and Romantic Experiences.
Poole, N.
Advisor:  Dr. David Szwedo

Student Perceptions of Group Work in Team-Based Learning.
Hogan, K., Ferry, L., & Wong, P.
Advisor:  Dr. Krisztina Jakobsen

Power of the Person Project at Plains Elementary.
Miller, R.
Advisor:  Dr. David Szwedo

Linguistic Characteristics of Truth-Tellers Vs. Liars.
Hogan, K., Benza, B., & Mangan, S.
Advisors:  Drs. Kethera Fogler, JoAnne Brewster, & Michael Stoloff

Published: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Last Updated: Thursday, April 25, 2019

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