‘Her work has made ours more meaningful’

Angela Carter has had a transformative effect on the English department


by Ciara Brennan ('17)

Photo taken by Daniel Lin, Daily News Record.

SUMMARY: Angela Carter, a marketing specialist in the English department, has been selected to receive the Staff Recognition Award in the College of Arts and Letters.

When Angela Carter was hired as the English department’s administrative office assistant, unit head Dabney Bankert recognized her strengths in digital communications and social networking, but she didn’t anticipate the way Carter would “transform the department’s outreach, image and identity” over the next two years. This year, Carter has been selected to receive the College of Arts and Letters Staff Recognition Award.  

Each year, nominations for outstanding staff members are reviewedand the top candidates are interviewed by the Staff Recognition Award subcommittee, which is composed of fellow staff members Rose Gray and Sandra Purington and chaired by Peggy Smith. 

As a result of Carter’s marketing prowess, English faculty have celebrated an uptick in course enrollments. Her leadership has empowered student interns to operate at their highest potential, as Carter recognizes their unique talents and assignprojects accordingly. During the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carter digitally transformed our online spaces to offer connections and community that have been desperately needed,” Bankert said. 

Brooks Hefner, director of English graduate studies, has collaborated closely with Carter to promote the M.A. in English program. “Angela’s support for the M.A. Program is indicative of her work for the department as a whole,” Hefner said. “She is always willing to go the extra mile, and—when asked—she often has ideas of how to improve on processes in ways that we have never considered before.” 

Over the past two years, Carter’job has evolved dramatically as a result of her passion, expertise and propensity for helping in any way she can, prompting Bankert to reclassify her position from administrative assistant to marketing specialist. Although the approved reclassification was on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn't stop Carter from fully embracing the new role. Bankert says, it’s because Carter knows the work she’s doing matters to the department. 

Her work has made ours more meaningful, and I cannot imagine someone more deserving of this award than Angela.” 

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Published: Monday, April 19, 2021

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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