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Arts and Letters Outstanding Students chosen

by Ciara Brennan ('17)

Outstanding Media Arts and Design Student Abigail Mumma accepts her award at recent SMAD Awards Banquet.

As May commencement approaches, departments in the College of Arts and Letters are celebrating outstanding students in the graduating class of 2019. Fourteen students have been chosen as Outstanding Students in their respective major programs.

The college also honors an outstanding student. This year, Nicolette Chuss, who was chosen as the Outstanding Foreign Language Student, was also named the College of Arts and Letters Outstanding Student.

These graduates will also be honored at the Arts and Letters commencement ceremony on May 4th. 

Outstanding Students By Major: 

Anthropology: Ms. Rachael Loreen Vannatta

Communication Studies: Mr. Austin Ryan Poff 

English: Mr. Matthew Gervasi Cappo 

Foreign Language: Ms. Nicolette Susan Chuss

History Student: Mr. Christopher Brian Huber  

International Affairs: Ms. Nancy Alexis Haugh  

Justice Studies: Mr. Blake Aaron Pendleton

Media Arts and Design: Ms. Abigail Nicole Mumma 

Philosophy: Ms. Kaitlyn Michelle Bridgeforth

Political Science: Ms. Emily Myrei Croston

Public Administration: Ms. Melody Ann Barger

Religion: Mr. Nathan Robert McBarron

Sociology: Ms. Alina Pantano     

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication: Ms. Caroline Teisen Mohan

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Published: Saturday, April 20, 2019

Last Updated: Saturday, January 2, 2021

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