1st Lt. Tyler Moyer ('08)


1st Lt. Tyler Moyer ('08)During a 12-month deployment to Afghanistan with Baker Company 3-509th Airborne 25th Infantry Division, 1st Lt. Tyler Moyer of Waynesboro, Va., was in charge of anything that made a "big boom." After graduating from Madison in 2008, Moyer immediately was commissioned as an Army officer. Upon completing his officer basic course and field artillery school in Fort Sill, Okla., he deployed to Afghanistan. As a fire support officer, Moyer served as the company's representative for all indirect assets including airplanes, attack helicopters, mortar fire and artillery fire. Beyond his day-to-day security duties, Moyer made some big contributions for Afghanistan's people. He was responsible for all the humanitarian aid supplies distributed by his platoon. He also helped recon, plan and secure nine polling sites for Afghanistan's 2009 presidential elections. During much of the reconnaissance, his platoon suffered heavy gunfire from the Taliban. Moyer and his platoon secured polling equipment, maintained election security and helped Afghanis have a voice. Moyer returned stateside in February 2010, but he hopes to be transferred to Korea to become acquainted with his birth family.

"I was adopted when I was younger. During my 15-day block leave from Afghanistan, I traveled to Korea to meet my birth father and the Korean family that I never knew about. I hope to be able to stay in the military and learn about my past at the same time. Family should be, and is, my No. 1 priority."

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Published: Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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