Marcy Honnold Morrison ('91)

Women For Madison

-Marcy sees change as an inevitable part of human existence: "Throughout life it is common to have multiple passions — passions that continually evolve and even change with time," she says. Her own life is a perfect example. Passionate about international work as a high school student, Marcy was an international affairs and Spanish major at JMU. "I graduated with the dream to work in Latin America saving the world," she says. Over time Marcy coupled her visionary enthusiasm with solid business skills, and went on to live, work and study all over the world. When she yearned for more time with her family, she reexamined her passions to find a new path to fulfillment. "I realized that I absolutely love helping individuals uncover their own passions and then work with them in strategizing a path that leads to their dream job." Today as owner of Careers With Wings, Marcy provides hope, inspiration and practical tools for job seekers. Her first book, Finding Your Dream: The Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Career Success will be published next year. Marcy sees herself as a global citizen and keeps her passion for international work alive through volunteer efforts. She currently serves on the advisory board of Just Like My Child Foundation, an organization fighting poverty and promoting self-reliance in rural Uganda.

"Our journey through life often doesn't make sense as we are going through it, but in hindsight it is often the hardest moments that are the opportunities in which we grow and stretch and find out what we are truly made of and meant to do."

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Published: Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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