2021-22 BTC Calendar: JMU School of Nursing


02-JudyHoltTeaching_nursing.jpgIn a year that put healthcare providers to the test, JMU nursing nonetheless had reason to celebrate in 2020, marking 40 years of growth and achievement since 1980. After receiving State Council for Higher Education in Virginia approval in 1979, a heavy lift began, as a novice nursing faculty under Dean Marcia Dake built the curriculum, acquired accreditation and converted expert clinical skills into excellent teaching skills. Overcoming a period where some questioned the cost of the young program, support then accelerated exponentially under leaders Vida Huber, Merle Mast, Julie Sanford and today Melody Eaton, as the program continues the press to meet the commonwealth’s increasing need for highly qualified nurses. Starting with 21 BSN students and four professors, there are now 866 pre-nursing students; 432 BSN students, 37 MSN students, 168 RN-BSN students, 350 chronic illness minor students, and 28 DNP students; and 48 faculty, 14 staff and 10 faculty emeritus members. Today the School of Nursing resides in the Health and Behavioral Studies Building.

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Published: Monday, March 15, 2021

Last Updated: Monday, May 24, 2021

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