Hanbok Saenghwal: Korean Fashion Then and Now

Korean Textile Exhibition Opens at the Madison Art Collection

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The Madison Art Collection, located in the James Madison University’s Festival Conference & Student Center, is introducing Hanbok Saenghwal: Korean Fashion Then and Now from November 7, 2023 to March 3, 2024. This will be the Madison Art Collection’s first exhibition of Korean art and the first international exhibition hosted in the Lisanby Museum.

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that has had numerous changes throughout history due to transformations within time and fashion. The term 'hanbok saenghwal’ describes the practice of making, wearing, and enjoying the art of hanbok. The Hanbok Saenghwal exhibition explores a world of a healthy mix of colors and neutrals, the romance of textiles, and the technical perfection that typifies Korean art.

Hanbok Middle Two
On display are items made by and belonging to two contemporary hanbok artists who partnered with both the Madison Art Collection and the School of Art, Design and Art History. The items, created by Profs. Suntae Hwang and JungOk Um, present different types of hanbok and show the connection between fashion and identity. Due to the impact of Korean pop culture, there is a high level of interest in Korean art, yet the subject remains under-represented in American museums. This exhibition encourages individuals to encounter and learn more about Korea, both past and present.

“It is by far the most regal and colorful exhibition that MAC has displayed so far,” said Eun Han, intern for the Madison Art Collection. “The wonderful clothes will transport visitors back to the noble era of the Joseon dynasty.”

Julianne White, an intern for the Madison Art Collection and Lisanby Museum, said, “We are working with living artists and exhibiting objects outside of our own collection. This was an exciting change of pace for us. I especially loved hearing about these works from the artists themselves.”

The Madison Art Collection was established in 1965 and contains art from the Neolithic through the 20th century. As the only art museum in the Shenandoah Valley, its main goal is to serve as a resource for students and professors to utilize and guide research as an encyclopedic museum. Additional information on objects, programs, and more can be found on the MAC Cuseum app, which is available for download on the App Store.

About the Madison Art Collection
The Madison Art Collection is an administrative unit of James Madison University that aims to spread appreciation for the diverse human experience. Madison Art Collection holds a new art exhibition twice a year. For more information on this museum, visit https://www.jmu.edu/madisonart/mission.shtml or contact madisonart@jmu.edu

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Published: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Last Updated: Monday, December 18, 2023

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