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Two School of Art, Design, and Art History Professors featured on the Virginia Humanities podcast With Good Reason

School of Art Design and Art History

by Cameryn Norris ('22)


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The James Madison University School of Art, Design, and Art History recently congratulated Associate Professor Carissa Henriques and Professor Rebecca Silberman for being featured on the Virginia Humanities With Good Reason Podcast. Henriques shared her perspective on design as part of the Artful Living episode, and Silberman gave her expertise on miniatures and illusions in another recent episode.

Carissa Henriques
Carissa Henriques

Henriques, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, was featured in the Artful Living episode, all about the power of art in helping us understand the world. The episode, which aired on August 25, 2023, features her segment Community Design, in addition to interviews with Stephanie Hodde (Virginia Military Institute) and author Paul Bogard.

"The design of everyday objects is about usefulness—but there’s also an art and a politics to it. Carissa Henriques shares the innovative strategies that designers can use to be more democratic, compassionate, and effective in their work," states Henriques' segment description. 


Professor of Art, Photography Rebecca Silberman's episode aired just a few weeks later. Seeing Isn't Beliving was released on September 15, 2023, featuring her interview along with segments from JD Swerzenski (University of Mary Washington), Cayce Myers (Virginia Tech), and Khan Iftekaruddin (Old Dominion University).

Silberman was invited to talk about all things optics and illusions: "Rebecca Silberman specializes in miniature set pieces: think of tiny scenes intricately constructed inside dioramas. She says it’s a delicate process that requires a small paint brush, strong magnifying visors, and a good deal of focus."

Rebecca Silberman
Rebecca Silberman

About With Good Reason: "With Good Reason brings together higher education institutions and Virginia Humanities to make scholarly research accessible to all. Each week, we share exciting discoveries, rigorous debates, and new knowledge, with ever-curious host Sarah McConnell guiding the conversation." To learn more about the Virginia Humanities With Good Reason Podcast, visit https://www.withgoodreasonradio.org/.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the With Good Reason webpage. The show can also be heard on Harrisonburg's public radio station WMRA-FM on Wednesdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. Listen to the Artful Living episode here and Seeing Isn’t Believing here

To learn more about JMU’s School of Art, Design, and Art History and to follow its latest achievements, visit https://www.jmu.edu/artandarthistory/index.shtml or follow it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

All information and the With Good Reason logo are sourced from the Virginia Humanities With Good Reason webpage.

Headshots courtesy of Carissa Henriques and Rebecca Silberman.

Published: Thursday, October 12, 2023

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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