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Nkosi Davis (’18) leverages partnerships for reciprocal successes

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Nkosi Davis at Hearts of Empowerment

SUMMARY: Hearts of Empowerment helps provide project planning for charities through collaboration.

By Jess Nickels (’21)

The Arlington, Virginia-based nonprofit Hearts of Empowerment embodies the value of partnerships, and Nkosi Davis (’18) is on the frontlines of executing its mission: to provide project planning for charities through the strength of collaboration.

After completing his degree in Economics with a minor in Sociology, Davis reconnected with childhood friend Correy Faciane, the founder and CEO of Hearts of Empowerment. Davis serves as the organization’s director of corporate outreach.

Faciane has been giving back to his local community and volunteering with organizations since his youth. “After I went away to [college],” he said, “I would visit my hometown and those organizations to see how they were doing. Over time, I noticed a general decline in their resources like their buildings, tools and the professionals who were trying to help them.”

During his senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University, Faciane tried his hand at event planning, pulling together a senior send-off for his friends. The event netted $20,000. Faciane realized he had a gift for bringing people together. He donated the surplus funds to a local organization, and Hearts of Empowerment was born.

Hearts of Empowerment partners with other nonprofits to uplift and support their missions. From global issues like clean water and hunger, to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, to local endeavors like youth groups and recreational facilities, Hearts of Empowerment aims to make a difference.

“Partnerships are like the lifeblood of this industry,” Davis said. “Every time we partner with an organization — whether it’s bigger than us, smaller than us or the same size — we strengthen and deepen our network. With partnerships, things become exponentially more successful.”

Hearts of Empowerment has assisted the Alexandria Residential Housing Authority with its annual winter-coat drive, provided groceries to families in need through Empowered Mums, and organized numerous fundraisers at area restaurants and bars.

Nkosi Davis headshot
Nkosi Davis (’18) majored in Economics at JMU.

Davis’ passion for community service aligns with Hearts of Empowerment’s three objectives: hosting fundraisers, generating awareness for a cause and building a business model for clients.

“Whenever a partnership arises, we look at their specific needs and adapt our methods to help them be successful in whatever way they need,” Davis said.

Perhaps the most valuable part of a partnership is the two-way benefit. “The assistance they are providing us by offering their collaboration is way bigger than anything else,” Faciane said. “Exchanging networks, learning from one another — you never know where that will lead — so we really value these partnerships. Partnerships are necessary in order to expand and spread awareness.”

Collaboration is also key. When groups unite to foster community engagement, everyone benefits.

Davis attributes his selflessness to the kind and supportive JMU Family he experienced during his years on campus.

“No one is ever shunned away from being a Duke,” he said. “No matter your background or who you are, it’s really inclusive. The sense of community at JMU really gave me a chance to realize that tribalism can be a good thing. If you believe in something collectively, having people of all backgrounds come together can really lead to successful ventures.

“Being the Change means setting the example,” Davis said. “At Hearts of Empowerment, we are huge supporters of the idea that if you have the ability to make a change, do it. You have to be the one who takes the initiative to be that change you want to see.”


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Published: Friday, April 15, 2022

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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