Please send vaccination record to UHC


Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants,

Your assistance is needed to complete this vital task.

In an effort to protect public health and to be able to communicate our combined campus-wide vaccination rate, we respectfully request that you send your completed COVID vaccination record to the University Health Center (UHC).

The easiest and quickest way to send your COVID vaccination record is by email. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Scan or photograph both sides of your COVID vaccination record and draft an email to
  2. Attach the scanned or photographed images to the email
  3. Include your name and birthdate in the body of the email
  4. Send the email

You may also submit your documentation by:

  • Faxing both sides of your vaccination record to 540-568-6176
  • Placing a copy in the immunization drop box outside of the UHC second floor entrance · Uploading images of your vaccination record to MyJMUChart

All documentation submitted must be legible, include your name and birthdate and a copy of your vaccination record. Please visit the JMU Vaccination FAQ Website for more information.

Very few vaccinated faculty and staff have sent their information to date. It will be essential for JMU's future success to be able to report the campus-wide vaccination rate. (JMU will only use the information you send to the UHC to calculate the campus-wide vaccination rate. Neither JMU nor the UHC will share personal, identifiable information.)

For example, the University is only able to currently confirm that 282 students and 497 faculty and staff members have received their COVID vaccine. UHC anticipates the need to provide this basic, aggregate data to VDH, SCHEV and other partners in the coming months. To have accurate data would help immensely as we all prepare for more in-person instruction and a fall semester.

We appreciate your willingness to provide this documentation. If you have any questions regarding how to submit your record, please contact the UHC Health Information Department at 540-568-6249.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated,

Rick Larson
Assistant Vice President, HR, Training, and Performance

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Published: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Last Updated: Friday, May 21, 2021

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