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Update on working from remote locations


Dear Staff and Faculty,

Yesterday, Governor Northam further urged the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia to stay at home. For those who are working at home, please continue to work remotely and come to campus only when necessary. For those who are "designated" employees, please continue to come to campus as scheduled. If you need to confirm your designated status in light of the Governor’s recent announcement, please check with your manager or supervisor. We ask each manager and supervisor to make it clear to employees who is considered "designated" during this pandemic situation.

For clarification, there is no need at this time for JMU "designated" employees to carry essential employee verification letters while traveling to and from work.

Please keep in mind that we continue to teach students remotely and provide essential services, therefore, work must continue. For those who must come to campus to work, we will continue to make scheduling and work-location alterations to protect health and safety through social distancing. We will also make certain that within the facilities where you work, sanitization efforts will be maintained. We may also ask some of you to perform functions other than your typical duties to ensure that JMU continues to operate while minimizing the number of people who must report to campus.

For a link to the Governor’s most recent press release, click here.

We owe a special thank you to those who must report to campus daily. Your efforts are very much appreciated by the entire JMU community. It is obvious that all members of the JMU community are making sacrifices and contributing in their own way to JMU’s success.

We again thank you for your patience as this very unusual situation continues to unfold.

For guidance, please contact your supervisor or your HR consultant. We will continue to communicate with you as more information becomes available.

Warm regards,

Rick Larson

Assistant Vice President of HR, Training and Performance

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Published: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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