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Experts can discuss aspects of Valentine's Day

by Hannah Lynn Robinson


Marketing professional to speak on retail trends for Valentine’s Day

Janna Parker, assistant professor of marketing at JMU, says the trends are pointing more toward experience versus a dozen red roses for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The National Retail Federation cites research that although fewer people are celebrating Valentine’s Day, more money is being spent.

Parker says of those individuals spending money, trends are showing that the money being spent is on an experience instead of flowers or candy.

“Another popular trend this year is for self-gifting,” explained Parker. “Individuals are keeping self-care in mind when recognizing this love-filled event.”

Valentine’s Day is providing some interesting research on who is spending and what they are buying. Generationally, those celebrating are taking much different approaches.

In reviewing these trends, businesses have also had to adjust their marketing and promotion of products for Valentine’s Day.

Will these trends continue or will buying habits this year shift back to roses and chocolate?

Relationship expert encourages couples to make love lists this Valentine’s Day

Jennie Rosier, director of The Relationships, Love & Happiness Project and associate professor of communication studies at James Madison University, is available to discuss writing love letters this Valentine’s Day.

“Think about why you love your partner and keep a journal with your love list. Share it with your partner and remember it throughout the year as you go through the ebbs and flows of your relationship. Add to it whenever your mate does something that reaffirms your love or makes you love them even more. Then share it again. Pick one or two special days each year to officially share your lists,” explained Rosier.

Handwritten letters might just make a comeback this Valentine's Day!

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Published: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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