Accepting the opportunity: Jordan Roth ('07)

Being the Change: Jordan Roth ribbon cutting
Jordan Roth (07) cuts the ribbon for the grand opening of his company, Beta One Solutions LLC.

SUMMARY: Jordan Roth ('07) uses what he learned during his time at JMU and in military service to positively impact the community.

from the Winter 2019 issue of Madison

By Sarah Chase (’17)

In 2017, after several years in management positions for various Fortune 500 companies, Jordan Roth (’07) founded Beta One Solutions LLC. The company is comprised of consultants who assist large organizations in the design, development and implementation of various types of physical security measures. However, since graduation, Roth has had numerous undertakings that led him to the place where he decided to start his own business.

Roth grew up in Fairfax, Virginia, and attended Bishop Ireton High School before deciding to attend James Madison University. “JMU just seemed like the best fit. I remember how at ease I felt whenever visiting and the positive energy on campus was palpable.” He has fond memories of living in Garber Hall during his freshman year, relaxing on the Quad between classes, snow days on campus, camping with friends in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Homecoming football games.

The majority of Roth’s time at JMU was spent in the ROTC program, which afforded him the opportunity to earn a commission in the U.S. Army. “I maintain many lifelong friendships with amazing people I met through the JMU and ROTC communities and for that I am extremely grateful.” When thinking of current students, Roth said he would tell them that, “JMU’s culture is unique in that it fosters academic excellence within a highly social landscape. It may seem challenging at times to find a balance that enables you to excel academically while making the most out of all JMU has to offer with social and extracurricular activities. Mastering this work-life balance is a critical skill that will greatly enhance your chances of personal and professional successes long after graduation.”

Being the Change: Jordan Roth
Roth (center) with ROTC Dukes in 2003.

This is certainly true for Roth, as he committed seven years of his life after graduation to military service, performing over 400 aerial combat missions while simultaneously pursuing and obtaining a Master of Arts in diplomacy from Norwich University, several industry-related certifications and completing the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Development Program at Northwestern University. “The challenges I encountered and overcame during combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan gave me a level of confidence and commitment that have proven indispensable during the pursuit of my personal and professional goals.”

Roth believes that “as a member of the JMU community, we all have a responsibility to take action as individuals and change our surroundings in a positive way.” Being the Change for Roth means accepting the opportunity he has been given. “As a JMU graduate, you have been given the tools, the education and the experience required to make your own mark on society. Being the Change is a call to action.”

Roth says that “the risk of violence, theft and harassment within the workplace has never been greater and the available risk mitigation measures are increasingly difficult to manage.” At Beta One Solutions, it has been his goal to accept the opportunity he has been given with his experiences and talents to make a difference. “We take great pride in assisting all types of organizations in the selection of security solutions, and in doing so, do our part in helping to protect hard-working Americans.”

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Published: Thursday, November 29, 2018

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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