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Celebrating 50+ Years

Bluestone Reunions

by Mary Evans


SUMMARY: Members of the Classes of 1966, 1961, 1956 and 1951 were back on campus to celebrate their 50th, 55th, 60th and 65th reunions. They toured campus, reconnected and told us what it was like at JMU when they were students!

Shared memories 

“I lived in Spotswood my freshman year… just past the house mother’s room. I had two roommates in this tiny little room and we got along just fine.”

Nancy Louise Cundiff Truluck ('61)

“One of the major changes is the growth: more male students and more athletics. And you have a fight song - we didn’t have anything to fight about, so we didn’t have a fight song.”

Helen Schermerhorn Wood ('66)


“We could not cross the railroad tracks… now we'd miss a lot if we could not cross the railroad tracks!”

Nancy Myers Marvin ('66)


"The education we received here was such a solid foundation for starting life."

 Polly Ewing Brown ('66)


“We have made some good friends and we re-bond when we get together. It is just great fun.”

Nancy Louise Cundiff Truluck ('61)

Images from the weekend

Event 1
Event 2
Event 5
BR Alger
Candle 2Candle

Class of 1966
Class of 1966 celebrating 50 years!





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Published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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