JMU Stamps a New Tradition on Campus

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The Madison Society made their mark on JMU by installing a bronze seal on campus. On Nov. 25, an engraved seal was placed in one of the brick circles near the Quad tunnel.

The installation marked the beginning of a new tradition in which people are encouraged to walk around the seal as a sign of respect. The reverence for the seal reflects the love and appreciation those at JMU hold for their Alma Mater. 

The seal was a gift from the Class of 2003, which covered the primary funding. The Madison Society then facilitated the project’s finalization. The Madison Society is a group that seeks to create, enhance and commemorate positive traditions at JMU.

“I am humbled to see this gift and a tradition like this come to fruition,” said Mike Hendricksen '03. “JMU means so much to me and countless others and the Class of 2003 is proud to call JMU our university.”

The words of JMU’s Alma Mater song are emblazoned on the fixture. The seal’s placement on a Quad entry walkway is a symbolic representation of what the text conveys: Madison will lead us on to conquer each new day.


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Published: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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