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Valley Scholars mannequin

Middle-school students in James Madison University’s Valley Scholars program visited the College of Health and Behavioral Studies this month for a lesson in “Helping People Across the Lifespan.”

The scholars were divided into three groups for participation in various hands-on activities, including a stroke simulation in which the students had to complete a task with their non-dominant hand while wearing impairment goggles, a nursing demonstration using a lifelike mannequin, and eye-tracking software in the psychology department.

“Hopefully there’s some interest there, and the students will be motivated by it and want to keep their grades up so that they can get these scholarships,” said Dr. Twylla Kirchen, assistant professor of occupational therapy.

The scholars’ families also took part in activities throughout the day that were designed to foster understanding and support for their children as they prepare for college.

The Valley Scholars program provides outreach activities to first-generation middle- and high-school students who demonstrate financial need, engaging them in educational enrichment activities designed to increase awareness and access to institutions of higher education with the goal of providing scholarship support for students admitted to and attending James Madison University.


 Dec. 23, 2014

valley scholars psychology lab

Valley Scholars mannequin

Valley Scholars wheels

Valley Scholars goggles

Valley Scholars blindfold

Valley Scholars families

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Published: Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, October 20, 2016

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