• default image Artistic venture provides glimpse of Alaskan landscape
    October 31, 2012: Adventurers Gary Freeburg and George Johnson explore unique Alaskan terrain to capture images of harsh beauty
  • default image Study Abroad Scotland Story
    October 24, 2012: Scotland is home to medieval castles, kilts, the Loch Ness Monster - and JMU's first study-abroad program focused on earning general education credits
  • default image ZIipcar is coming to JMU
    October 23, 2012: Faculty, staff and students at JMU can now have wheels with no strings attached.
  • default image 'Double Fulbrighter' to teach in Korea
    October 22, 2012: Two-time Fulbright Award winner prepares to return to South Korea
  • default image Recipe for better fuel mileage to be presented at research review
    October 18, 2012: Wouldn't it be nice to be able to mix water with gasoline to save some money at the pump?
  • default image A Rotary scholar and humanitarian goes abroad
    October 18, 2012: News of receiving $27,000 from the Skelton Endowed Ambassadorial Scholarship from Rotary District 7570 was not the only thing Ta was ecstatic about
  • Amanda Kuhnley, JMU honors student and Dingledine Scholar Unconfined challenges
    October 10, 2012: She wanted a good challenge, so Amanda Kuhnley took an interdisciplinary approach. Integrated science and technology, art history, classical studies, and studio art combined into one incredible project.
  • default image Residence Life Starts Something that Matters
    October 9, 2012: Residence Life based their theme for the year on TOMS' founder Blake Mycoskie's book Start Something That Matters
  • default image interior design parklets project
    October 5, 2012: Downtown parking spaces will be transformed into temporary parks this weekend as part of a community benefit event
  • default image State Department Recognizes Contributions of JMU Fellows
    October 1, 2012: Emma Atkinson was handed a portfolio with some of the most relevant foreign policy topics "and allowed to jump right into them."
  • Kate Kessler gives students a taste of the Appalachian Trail A taste of the Appalachian Trail
    October 1, 2012: Take a course syllabus with elements from multiple disciplines such as economics, geography, history, sociology and psychology. Combine that with academic freedom in an adventurous setting.
  • Lisa Shull created the Explore More Discovery Museum for children Play, learn, succeed
    October 1, 2012: Children's museums provide a pure learning experience, a place where children follow their own interests, set their own pace, and discover new opportunities and talents. Lisa Shull ('85, '91M) and a team of volunteers brought the...
  • Children's museums provide a pure learning experience, and Lisa Shull ('85, '91M) and a powerful team of volunteers brought the experience to kids throughout the Shenandoah Valley "Building the dream"
    October 1, 2012: While many seek governmental solutions, others identify volunteerism as the key to positive transformation. It happens in JMU's community every day. One example, a commitment to the area's children yielded huge results.
  • Zach Daniels A scholarship with teeth
    October 1, 2012: What has opened the door to possibilities, changed the future and helped dreams come true? Madison Forever.
  • Students in Dr. Brooks Hefner's American Pulp course Detectives scour rare periodicals for clues to 20th century life
    October 1, 2012: Can a better understanding of the past inform our future? Students in Dr. Brooks Hefner's American Pulp course scour popular literary genres including Black Mask magazines to reveal the full gamut of cultural anxiety and aspiration.
  • Duke Dog with fans Happy Birthday, Duke Dog!
    October 1, 2012: It was 30 years (210 dog years) ago, in a packed brand-new Convocation Center, that Duke Dog walked onto the basketball court and captured the hearts of the JMU nation.
  • Exterior view of Freedom House Is green living practical?
    October 1, 2012: Many people want to live a greener lifestyle, but an eco-friendly home seems out of reach for the average consumer. Often, green-housing requires deep pockets, and compromising spaces and house designs.
  • give-surf-children.jpg Give and Surf, Inc
    October 1, 2012: After putting his marketing degree to work in the business world, Neil Christiansen ('06) decided to forsake his hectic commute for his biggest passions, helping others and surfing. Give and Surf, Inc. was born.
  • JMU alumna Gladys Kemp Lisanby ('49) rallies women artists of the Gulf Coast in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath Disaster and rebirth - a story of change
    October 1, 2012: JMU alumna Gladys Kemp Lisanby ('49) rallies women artists of the Gulf Coast in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath
  • JMU professor Bob Kolvoord takes his GIS technology course into high schools Mapping an innovative course
    October 1, 2012: JMU faculty work with high-school seniors and their teachers on complex real-world projects - evacuation plans, crime patterns, land conservation.
  • Image Placeholder For Ugandans, by Ugandans
    October 1, 2012: Can we reduce poverty, create jobs and build communities in the world's developing nations? Working with the people of Gulu, Uganda, JMU sculpture major Daniel Morgan ('10) learned a valuable lesson about creating a bett
  • saturday-morning-physics-banu.jpg Cecilia McGough's Pulsar Discovery
    October 1, 2012: Dr. Adriana Banu says Saturday Morning Physics at JMU allows area students to explore cutting-edge research topics.
  • Julie Bragg Sheppard ('94) is living her dream of being a local news anchor at CBS affiliate WTVR-6 in Richmond, Va. Living the dream
    October 1, 2012: Julie Bragg Sheppard ('94), who majored in mass communication and political science at JMU, says she's living her dream of being a news anchor. Her ties to Madison helped land her first job.

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