• default image Gold Standard of Transfer Programs
    May 28, 2012: JMU's Transfer Summer Springboard orientation program won national recognition from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators as the Grand Gold Award winner for 2012.
  • default image May Means Service
    May 19, 2012: 48 JMU students began their summer break by volunteering to help rebuild New Orleans, La.
  • default image JMU Outdoor Music Series Welcomes Summer
    May 16, 2012: JMU will present its 2012 Concerts on the Lawn Series every Sunday at 7 p.m. from May 20 to July 1.
  • default image Medical Scribes Improve Health Communication
    May 16, 2012: The use of scribes is becoming more common in hospital emergency rooms, where patient volumes are increasing.
  • default image PR Globetrotters
    May 16, 2012: A group of James Madison University students are developing a worldview of organizational communication during a three-week tour of Europe, the Middle East and India this month.
  • default image JMU Board of Visitors' Executive Comm. Sets 2012-2013 Tuition and Fees
    May 8, 2012: JMU Board of Visitors' Executive Comm. sets 2012-2013 tuition and fees
  • Carole Baldwin and Zach Foltz The Galapagos connection
    May 1, 2012: JMU alum and scientist Carole Baldwin ('81) guided Zach Foltz ('08) from a junior biology major trying to break into marine biology into a promising scientist overseeing a Smithsonian-leased island off Belize.
  • Graduate Changing the world one person at a time
    May 1, 2012: It's not just a slogan. It is Madison - a living, evolving university where change is the status quo.
  • Howard Gelfand, history professor, surfs the sidewalk to save the environment Concrete shredder
    May 1, 2012: Cheaper and more portable than a bike, its practicality can't be denied.
  • Image Placeholder Red, Blue and JMU
    May 1, 2012: Virginia Republican Dave Rexrode ('01) and Democrat David Mills ('02) graduated from JMU within a year of each other and hold mirror positions as executive directors of the two primary Virginia political parties.
  • Bob Gordon honored for 50 years at JMU Bob Gordon honored for 50 years at JMU
    May 1, 2012: He's described as the kind of professor who "is exactly what universities need more of." Professor Bob Gordon's exceptional, and continuing, career at JMU is honored by the J. Robert Gordon Scholarship given to a freshman with a...
  • Phi Beta Kappa and love of learning Phi Beta Kappa and love of learning
    May 1, 2012: "I came in as a media arts and design major, and added a Spanish major and a minor in political communications. People ask me how I have managed...I just say,'I love to learn,'" says Allison Gould.
  • Helping secure the vote in Afghanistan Helping secure the vote in Afghanistan
    May 1, 2012: Army 1st Lt. Tyler Moyer ('08) served a 10-day mission to recon and secure the polling sites in Afghanistan from the Taliban during the presidential election.
  • A hot air balloon over Cappadocia A hot air balloon over Cappadocia
    May 1, 2012: Spice bazaars, Turkish knots and class credits By Caitlin Harrison ('10)
  • Dance major Kelsey Hickson ('10) combines pre-med, biology, dance and community service in her routine Talk about performance!
    May 1, 2012: <strong> Dance major Kelsey Hickson ('10) combines pre-med, biology, dance and community service in her routine </strong><br/> By Jacquelyn Walsh ('09)
  • Andrew Pham: Following his bliss Following his bliss
    May 1, 2012: Piano performance/music composition major Andrew T. Pham ('11) chose JMU's School of Music for its focus on performance and the approachability of the faculty. "I got such a positive feeling from the music professors."
  • Image Placeholder QEP Steering Committee to submit report
    May 1, 2012: The committee tasked with developing a quality enhancement plan for the university is set to deliver their report to the university's accrediting body.
  • Student in lab Getting personal
    May 1, 2012: Carly Starke knows firsthand that genetic variations can lead to disease. The research she began as a JMU freshman using molecular biology and biochemistry techniques put her on a path to finding cures through genetic re
  • JMU nursing students with children Removing roadblocks
    May 1, 2012: Called 'America's outcasts,' homeless children are innocent victims of economic downturns

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