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Universal Design and Pedagogy of Care(taking) (Roundtable)

Mon, 30 Oct 2023 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

In “Individual Redemption Through Universal Design; Or, How IEP Meetings Have Infused My Pedagogy with an Ethic of Care(taking),” University of Mary Washington professor Chris Foss explores the importance of  “pedagogy that recognizes and values the individuality and the fundamental humanity of one’s students,” through Universal Design and a disability-infused pedagogy of care. Foss notes, “I would tell myself I must never lose sight not only of my own students’ fully adult humanity but also of their important status as somebody’s kid.” The pandemic brought to the forefront issues of access and care, which remain salient in the pandemic-altered landscape of the classroom, as we continue to be challenged by student (and faculty) disengagement.

In this roundtable, Chris Foss will offer insights from his own experiences and scholarship, as well as invite participants to share their questions, ideas, challenges, and joys around teaching and care–including care for ourselves and our colleagues. Faculty are invited (but, of course, not required) to read the two linked articles as launching points for the conversation.

For increased access, the roundtable is being offered in a hybrid format (in person and on Zoom).  

Program Date: Oct 30

Time: 2-3:15pm

Location(there is a separate registration for the in-person vs online program)

  • The Union, Taylor 306
  • Online (the Zoom link will be provided the day before the event)


Program Outcomes

  • Building community around universal design and pedagogy of care, as well as self-care and collegial care
  • Discussing ways to address the unique challenges of the pandemic-altered classroom
  • Sharing ideas and strategies for valuing the individuality and humanity of our students, and ourselves

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