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AI, Teaching, and Learning (Online Faculty Interest Group)

Thu, 31 Aug 2023 3:00 PM - Thu, 28 Sep 2023 4:00 PM

Within the last year, a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have become widely available.

ChatGPT has probably made most of the news, but there’s also the new Bing Chat, various image generating applications, AI-based transcription apps, and more. Many faculty have found that their students use AI tools to cheat, write grammatically correct but anodyne prose, do research (sometimes with erroneous outcomes), and use it in other ways that are likely to hinder their learning.

Others find that AI can help solve problems and improve learning, for example by making content more accessible, helping students understand scholarly literature, provide writing feedback, and more. Others, in turn, find that the existence of the new AI tools raises a range of questions that may require changes to *what* we teach, from biases in the AI machinery, to new skills surrounding the usage of AI tools, to renewed emphasis on identifying disinformation, and more. “And more” is the keyword here, as the landscape is hard to survey and constantly changing.

This Online Faculty Interest Group offers an informal opportunity for faculty to get together, exchange concerns, needs, and experiences surrounding AI in teaching and learning, and connect them with resources. Sign up for any number of meetings you would like to attend.

Event Date(s) - Thursdays from 3 -4pm

  • August 3, 17 & 31
    • Note: Aug 3 & 7 registration were through a separate survey
  • September 14 & 28
    • Register for August 31, September 14 & 28 through this registration link below

Location: Online (the Zoom link is provided witht the reminder email sent the day before the event)


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