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March 2015

March 30: Donuts, Decisions, Declarations:

Where: Student Success Center Room 1075, 1st Floor.

All students who are undeclared or looking to change their major are welcome to come to this open event! There will be free Dunkin' Donuts and fun activities to help you find and explore the right major for you.

Sponsored by Career & Academic Planning
Questions? Contact Tracy Hakala at


March 30: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community): Location: Rose Library 5230 CFI Resource Room

Click to register

Writers' Lockdowns encourage faculty writers to dive into projects with concentrated time and effort. Held on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings, these mini-lockdowns will help create a regular writing pattern during the academic year. Peace of mind provided -- faculty writers provide the words.  Coffee is available for purchase at Starbucks.

Note: Consultations must be requested in advance by emailing

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following faculty community outcomes:

  • Practicing the integration of writing as aspect of career
  • Advancing writing projects, and
  • Increasing a sense of belonging to a writing community

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following scholarship area outcome:

  • Enhancing scholarly productivity.

March 30: Colloquia: Speaker: Elizabeth Brown. Roop 103 3:45-4:45PM. More info here. MORE >

March 30: Visiting Scholar Bob Marshall:

Bob Marshall, Journalist, The Lens

“Losing Ground: Louisiana’s Coastal Crisis”

Monday, March 30, 7 p.m.    

2105 Harrison Hall


March 30: Visiting Scholars Program Lecture:

7 p.m.
Room 2105, Harrison Hall

Journalist Bob Marshall of “The Lens,” presents “Losing Ground: Louisiana’s Coastal Crisis.”

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters. For information, call (540) 568-6472. Free.


March 30: ASB Community Celebration: Come celebrate all of the success from the Alternative Spring Breaks! See how you impacted different places around the United States and Central America. MORE >

March 30: Common Ground:

March 30 | 8-9pm | Madison Union 203

What do we have in common? More than we think!

Common Ground is a group program for JMU students who want to explore, evaluate, or have questions about the role of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in their life. 

It is a free, confidential, non-judgmental opportunity to connect with and engage in conversations with other students who have similar understanding and experiences with substances.

Common Ground meets Mondays in Madison Union (formerly Warren Hall) Room 203 from 8-9pm. Students can join at any point in the semester, and there is no minimum commitment for attendance.

Please contact the group facilitator Heidi Jordan in the University Health Center with any questions.


March 31: The JMU Registrar's Office (TD1319):

Workshop Description: Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of the Registrar's Office is like? Or maybe you think you already know? Take this opportunity to raise your level of knowledge about student and faculty communications with the Registrar. In this session participants will gain an understanding of what happens in the Registrar's Office including the varied grade processes, course substitution and waiver, transfer credit permission, and major/minor changes. FERPA, and the Privacy Act.

In this session participants will learn about the:

  • Registrar process for class and teaching schedules
  • Permission and override process
  • Add/drop and course adjustment process
  • Student and faculty e-campus capabilities
  • Graduation application process
  • Degree progress report

Presented by: Kurt Johnson, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar


March 31: Stop the Crickets: Engaging Your Audience (TD1967):

Location: Wine-Price Building

Workshop Description: “I want to engage my audience,” is what most who have audiences are expressing. Many people in your audience are tired - at least a third of them just don’t get enough sleep. If not tired, they are used to being continuously engaged by modern technologies: smart phones, Netflix, and social media. Part of your job is to help them stay awake, pay attention, participate in the discussion, and think about what you are saying. No longer will training participants accept speakers talking AT them; they want to be part of the conversation.

In this workshop, participants will:
  • Learn how to create a safe learning environment for workshop participants
  • Explore appropriate strategies to keep workshop participants engaged

  • Demonstrate best-practice facilitation and adult learning techniques


March 31: Poster Design Workshop:

Hillcrest House

These informal workshops will provide an overview of how to design a poster showcasing your scholarship. Information on campus resources for poster printing will also be discussed. Students will have time to ask questions specific to their own projects. Pre-registration for these workshops is not required.

Resources for Designing Posters

The following resources provide guidelines and information on designing posters. Posters should be 36x48 in dimension. The East Campus Copy Center can print posters for as little as $12. Instructions are included in first link below.


Current Month

April 2015

April 1: Class of 2019 Gains Access to Housing System MORE >

April 1: Last day to obtain departmental permission to add a class - 2nd Block MORE >

April 1: Ross Gay - poetry reading MORE >

April 1: 5 Choices (TD1699) MORE >

April 1: Internship 101 MORE >

April 1: Tea Time MORE >

April 1: Poster Design Workshop MORE >

April 1: Poetry Reading: Ross Gay MORE >

April 1: Winning with Money Program MORE >

April 2: Emerging Leaders (TD1049) MORE >

April 2: Graduate Symposium MORE >

April 2: TIAA-CREF One-On-One Counseling Sessions MORE >

April 2: Donuts, Decisions, Declarations MORE >

April 2: Showcase of Graduate Scholarship and Creative Activity Poster Session MORE >

April 2: Distinguished Alum MORE >

April 2: Resume Writing Workshop MORE >

April 2: Graduate reception MORE >

April 3: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 3: Field Trip MORE >

April 3: Lecture on human nature and genetic enhancement MORE >

April 3: Andy Clark: Nature-Born Cyborgs? Reflections on Bodies, Minds, and Human Enhancement MORE >

April 3: Student Veteran Professional Development Symposium MORE >

April 3: Seminar - Natural history and aesthetics: why care about nature? MORE >

April 3: Cohen Center Lecture Series: Andy Clark MORE >

April 3: Global Connections MORE >

April 3: Philosophy colloquium: "Why Lance Armstrong Didn't Cheat" MORE >

April 3: Easter egg painting MORE >

April 3: A.A. MORE >

April 4: Volunteer to Spruce up Spitzer! MORE >

April 6: Fall Advanced Registration UG MORE >

April 6: Fall Open Enrollment GR MORE >

April 6: Post Conflict Recovery Week MORE >

April 6: Clothesline Project MORE >

April 6: Boards, Councils, Volunteers: What Now? (TD1986) MORE >

April 6: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 6: Boards, Councils and Volunteers: What now? MORE >

April 6: Colloquia MORE >

April 6: Post-Conflict Recovery Week Speaker MORE >

April 6: Russell Elliot: Reimaging R&B MORE >

April 6: Common Ground MORE >

April 6: Internship 101 MORE >

April 7: VALIC One-On-One Counseling Sessions MORE >

April 7: Pre-Retirement Planning II (TD1604) MORE >

April 7: Student Employment Essentials (TD1462) MORE >

April 7: Graduation Fair MORE >

April 7: Take Back the Night MORE >

April 7: Post-Conflict Recovery Week Panel Discussion MORE >

April 8: Apply to lead an International OR Domestic 2016 ASB trip! MORE >

April 8: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002) MORE >

April 8: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002) - Session 1 MORE >

April 8: Graduation Fair MORE >

April 8: FLLC Conference: Tolerance MORE >

April 8: Kevin Tucker - EIR Visit MORE >

April 8: Wildflower Walk with the Arboretum Director MORE >

April 8: Understanding the Virginia Sickness & Disability Program (VSDP) (TD1204) MORE >

April 8: Understanding the Virginia Sickness & Disability Program (TD1204) MORE >

April 8: Tea Time MORE >

April 8: Business Meeting MORE >

April 8: Economics and the Gilliam Center Speaker Series: David Colander MORE >

April 8: Special Collections Speaker Series MORE >

April 8: Deadline to submit Senior Honors Project for May 2015 grads MORE >

April 8: Out On Campus Panel MORE >

April 8: Post-Conflict Recovery Week Keynote Address MORE >

April 8: Brian Sims MORE >

April 8: Tax Workshop MORE >

April 9: Emerging Leaders (TD1049) MORE >

April 9: Jon Craver - EIR Visit MORE >

April 9: Post-Conflict Recovery Week Photo Exhibit Closing Reception MORE >

April 9: Gay? Fine By Me T-shirt Giveaway MORE >

April 9: Optional Retirement Participants-What to Expect When You Retire (TD1352) MORE >

April 9: Optional Retirement Participants-What to Expect When You Retire (TD1352) MORE >

April 9: No Excuses: Foundations for Accountability, Ethics and Values (TD1833) MORE >

April 9: Display Name MORE >

April 9: Peacebuilding and Economic Development in Kosovo (Scholarly Talk) MORE >

April 9: Lecture: Transforming Lives with Russian Literature MORE >

April 9: Departmental Awards Ceremony MORE >

April 10: Brainstorm Conference 2015 MORE >

April 10: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 10: Basic Finance & Budgeting: Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row (TD1373) MORE >

April 10: Fidelity One-On-One Counseling Sessions MORE >

April 10: Board of Visitors Meeting MORE >

April 10: Looking at human impacts on our environment from a planetary perspective MORE >

April 10: Global Connections MORE >

April 10: A.A. MORE >

April 11: Cherry Blossom MORE >

April 11: Computer Based Praxis Test MORE >

April 11: Friends of Valley Charities Glow 5K MORE >

April 13: Fall Open Enrollment UG MORE >

April 13: Monarch Butterfly Talk MORE >

April 13: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 13: Cascade Open Lab Training MORE >

April 13: Colloquia MORE >

April 13: MVS: Lawrence Lessig MORE >

April 13: Deadline to submit Senior Honors Project Application and Proposal MORE >

April 13: Visiting Scholar Judith Jellison MORE >

April 13: Visiting Scholars Program Lecture MORE >

April 13: Common Ground MORE >

April 14: Deadline to withdrawald with W for 2nd Block MORE >

April 14: Phase II Training (TD0607) MORE >

April 14: ICMA-RC One-On-One Counseling Sessions MORE >

April 14: All Together One Community Gathering MORE >

April 14: Give 'em the Pickle (TD1616) MORE >

April 15: December 2015 Graduation Application deadline MORE >

April 15: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002) MORE >

April 15: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002) - Session 2 MORE >

April 15: Wildflower Walk with the Arboretum Director MORE >

April 15: 5 Choices (TD1699) MORE >

April 15: Tea Time MORE >

April 15: Life Insurance Overview (TD1350) MORE >

April 15: Life Insurance Overview (TD1350) MORE >

April 16: Workplace Substance Abuse Management for Supervisors (TD1398) MORE >

April 16: Emerging Leaders (TD1049) MORE >

April 16: Biosymposium 2015 MORE >

April 16: Safe Zone Workshop MORE >

April 16: Graduate Student Symposium 2015 MORE >

April 16: SMAD Spring Banquet 2015 MORE >

April 16: Visiting Scholars Program Lecture, Alice Butler-Smith MORE >

April 16: Visiting Scholar Alice Butler-Smith MORE >

April 16: The Gluten Lie And Other Myths About What You Eat MORE >

April 16: Sonnets for Teens - workshop MORE >

April 16: Visiting Scholars Lecture MORE >

April 16: Visiting Scholar Elzbieta Gozdziak MORE >

April 16: Visiting Scholars Program Lecture MORE >

April 17: Last Day to complete Incomplete work for Fall semester MORE >

April 17: SMAD Day MORE >

April 17: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 17: Senior Capstone Project Symposium MORE >

April 17: Cultura y Comunidad: Teacher Workshop MORE >

April 17: ISAT Senior Capstone Event MORE >

April 17: Arbor Day Trees and Native Plant Sale MORE >

April 17: VALHEN Lecture: Richmond, Tuscon, and Raza Studies: Educational Equity and Culturally Relevant Curriculum in U.S. Public Schools MORE >

April 17: Global Connections MORE >

April 17: Philosophy colloquium: "Should We Study the History of Philosophy?" MORE >

April 17: Economics Speaker Series: Debra Stevens Fitzgerald MORE >

April 17: Academic Portfolio Institute Application MORE >

April 17: A.A. MORE >

April 18: JMU World Cup Soccer Tournament MORE >

April 18: MADE xChange MORE >

April 18: Community Service Day MORE >

April 20: Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes MORE >

April 20: Workshop on Cyber Intelligence MORE >

April 20: MFA Group Show MORE >

April 20: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 20: Colloquia MORE >

April 20: Community Sendoff MORE >

April 20: Common Ground MORE >

April 21: Basic Strategic Planning (TD1772) MORE >

April 21: Cohen Center Lecture Series: James and Marcia Day Childress MORE >

April 21: Poet-Tree reading MORE >

April 21: James Childress and Marcia Childress Lecture MORE >

April 22: Guided Bird Walk MORE >

April 22: Administrative Assistant Day - "Because I'm Happy" (TD1998) MORE >

April 22: Tea Time MORE >

April 22: JMU Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Band MORE >

April 23: Cascade Overview Training MORE >

April 23: JMU JobLink (IT195) MORE >

April 23: Emerging Leaders (TD1049) MORE >

April 23: Wildflower Walk with the Virginia Native Plant Society MORE >

April 23: Telecom, Facility Coordinators & Building Repairs (TD1048) MORE >

April 23: WRTC Awards Ceremony and Reception MORE >

April 23: CoB Welcomes Alice Rivlin MORE >

April 24: WRTC Day and WRTC Faculty Symposium MORE >

April 24: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 24: Art History Alum-Student Luncheon and Art History Forum MORE >

April 24: Innovate LIVE MORE >

April 24: Time Management: Reducing Stress in Your Life (Workshop) MORE >

April 24: JMU Cyber Security Town Hall Meeting MORE >

April 24: Honors Symposium MORE >

April 24: Global Connections MORE >

April 24: Student Research Symposium MORE >

April 24: A.A. MORE >

April 25: Benefit for the Wounded Warriors of Virginia MORE >

April 26: Spring Picnic MORE >

April 27: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community) MORE >

April 27: Colloquia MORE >

April 27: Common Ground MORE >

April 28: Eric Major - IPO Process and Managing a Post-IPO Business MORE >

April 28: Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence (TD1823) MORE >

April 29: Tea Time MORE >

April 30: Visiting Scholar Philip Davies MORE >

April 30: End of semester and 2nd block classes MORE >

April 30: Emerging Leaders (TD1049) MORE >

April 30: End-of-year Social MORE >