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Sister Speak: A Feminist Literary Journal Awards for Feminist Scholarship and Creative Work
ShoutOut! JMU Blog M. Louise Whitman Scholarship
Dukes for Choice Women's and Gender Studies Alumni
Events, Film Series and Speakers

Sister Speak: A Feminist Literary Journal

In the past, Sister Speak has been a publication dedicated to embracing literary and visual arts that speak to feminist ideals. However, recent and current editors realize that many readers may be confused about or unaware of what feminism encompasses. Rather than being an exclusive and/or limiting belief system, feminism is an inclusive movement embracing equality between genders, races/ethnic groups, sexualities, and economic classes. Feminism is not just for women. In order for women and all people to share an equal voice in our society, we must unite to share our ideas and dreams. We must create discussion and resolve the confusion and negativity that surround feminism. We must come together through all forms of expression to educate one another. The goal of Sister Speak is to be amalgam of information that educates about issues related to feminism. To this end, this publication includes works that focus on women and/or gender and that question or challenge oppressive gender roles. Furthermore, we believe that gender oppression is interconnected with other forms of oppression, including sexual, ethnic/racial, environmental, and economic. These interconnections similarly need exploration and explanation. Turn the page and see for yourself.

Sister Speak has a new e-mail address. Send submissions to

2013-2014 Executive Staff
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2013-2014 Advisor
Dr. Mary Thompson (English)

ShoutOut! JMU Blog

The mission of ShoutOut! JMU is to provide the JMU community with accurate and constructive information concerning events, legislation, cultural criticism, and resources for women’s rights and personal health on and off campus; to foster a safe space for members of JMU’s community for interactive, informed and constructive dialogue; as a collective, to advance the cause of women and other marginalized groups by means of these conversations; the goal of this blog is not to convert readers to feminism, but instead to raise con-sciousness of the diversity of perspectives toward understanding everyday inequities. For more information, contact Dr. Janell Bauer ( or Dr. Alison Bodkin (

Dukes for Choice

Dukes for Choice (formerly called VOX) is a feminist activist group with the intention to work for reproductive rights on JMU's campus. The group strives to promote sex-positive education about issues concerning women's health and reproductive rights. The group also focuses on the reproductive justice movement, an inclusive view of reproductive rights that focuses on the voices and issues relating to women who have been marginalized due to race, class, sexual or gender identity in the traditional fight for reproductive agency.

We meet every Wednesday in Maury 201 at 7 PM. If you have any questions or comments please email the presidents, Katie and Emily, at

Events, Film Series and Speakers

Each semester Women’s and Gender Studies offers programming designed to raise awareness of gender issues. Past events have included Women’s History Month keynotes; the “Women and Work” film series; faculty presentations; lectures by Michael Kimmel, Shelby Knox, and Jessica Valenti; and the Stop Street Harassment workshop. Visit our website for upcoming events.

Women's Studies Conference

Women's and Gender Studies students and Mary Thompson, WMST Professor,
pictured with Patricia Hill Collins, feminist theorist, at the Emancipatory
Knowledges Conference at the University of Richmond.