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What is the JMU 2017 Winter Session?

During the 2017 winter break, JMU will offer the opportunity for students to participate in a Winter Session. We are offering this pilot again to obtain a preliminary feel for the interest of students in participating in a winter session as well as determining what logistics may be needed to continue with a winter session in future years.

ENROLLMENT INFORMATION:  If you are interested in enrolling in a Winter Session course after October 23rd, please email clientservices@jmu.edu to be enrolled.  Include your name, student ID and the course information.  If you have additional questions, please contact Catherine Crummett at crummecm@jmu.edu or 540-568-2508.

Course Offerings

Online 3-week Courses:

UNST 390: Personal Money Management

LTLE 378: Web Design for Learning - just added to the schedule lineup

    • 3 weeks in duration beginning Dec 19th and ending Jan 7th
    • 1 credit hour elective
    • Online, asynchronous course delivered through Canvas
    • No textbook needed

On-Campus 1-week Courses:

We are piloting 1 credit hour, on-campus course offerings this winter to determine the viability of on campus winter courses for the future. It is important to note that the university does not provide on-campus housing or dining services during this week. Additionally, services such as transportation, UREC, etc. will be limited. See below for a complete list. Students without off-campus housing and personal transportation should not enroll in these courses.

ISCI 104: Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

ISAT 280: CAD Basics in SolidWorks

UNST 390: Interpersonal Skills for Non-Business Majors

  • Classes meet Wednesday, January 3 through Saturday, January 6
  • Sunday, January 7th is a potential make-up snow day
  • See below for the availability of services during this time period. 

Availability of services January 3 - January 6th

  • Bookstore: Open
  • Canvas Support: Open
  • Counseling Center: Limited
  • Dining Services: Closed
  • Health Center: Limited
  • Helpdesk: Open
  • Learning Service Center: Closed
  • Libraries: Limited
  • On-Campus Housing: Closed
  • Parking Services: Open
  • Public Transportation: Limited
  • UREC: Limited


To enroll in a JMU Winter Intersession course, search for the course in MyMadison under the 2017 fall semester.  This is a pilot program, and therefore must be attached to the fall 2017 Second eight-week block session.  The session courses untilize the same enrollement and add/drop dates as the second eight-week session in MyMadison.  If you are enrolling after these dates, please contact Client Services: crummecm@jmu.edu, so we may manually process your enrollement. Include your name, student ID and the course information. If you need to drop an intersession course after the second eight-week session drop date, please contact Client Services or the course instructor.  The dates and contact summary is below: 

Deadline to self-enroll in the course: October 23, 2017

Deadline to be manually enrolled in the course: December 18, 2017

To enroll in a course between October 24 and December 18, contact Catherine Crummett at crummecm@jmu.edu

Deadline to self-drop the course: October 23, 2017

Deadline to be manually dropped from the course

    1. To drop between October 24 and December 18, contact Catherine Crummett. 
    2. To drop after December 19, 2017, contact the instructor of the course. 


In-State Residents = $374 for one credit hour, $50 fee for online courses.

Out-of-State Residents = $935 for one credit hour, $50 fee for online courses.


Students enrolled in a JMU Winter Intersession course will see a separate line on the fall tuition account indicating “Winter Session.”

Financial Aid:

Please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the availability of financial aid for a winter session course.

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