Course Offerings::Professional Tracks

The Workforce Development Campus offers professional certificates in four fields of adult education, training and instruction: Program Developer, Curriculum Designer, and Instruction Specialist. Each certificate requires the completion of four courses. WDC 501 Introduction to Workforce Development and Education is a prerequisite to all certificates.

Program Development: Complete WDC 501, 502, 503, 507

A Program Developer markets programs, meets with employers, learns the needs of the organization, helps the employer determine the kind of program that will best meet those needs, contracts the program, arranges the program, and evaluates its effectiveness.

Program development topics include: the importance of workforce education, contracting for workforce programs, program planning, obtaining support, how to use a program model, and meeting the challenge of evaluation and measurement of your program. The four courses involved in the Program Developer Certificate will discuss specialization, cost worksheets, data collection, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Curriculum Design: Complete WDC 501, 504, 505, 507

A Curriculum Designer designs learning experiences that assist the employer and the employees to accomplish their goals. The designer links the needs of the employer with the needs of the employees to create a program that works for entry-level, high school, and technical school prepared employees.

Curriculum design topics include: instructional design, needs assessment, with hands-on processes and techniques, project-based learning and evaluation, evaluation skills, and real-work application of data collection.

Workplace Instruction: WDC 501, 504, 506, 507

An Instructional Specialist leads programs and teaches at or through the workplace. The Instructional Specialist implements the program and works with employees to learn what is needed to accomplish the goals of the employer and to become a stronger, better prepared employee.

Instructional specialist topics include: workforce specialization, facilitation and delivery skills, learning assessment, evaluation, and communication in the workplace.

E-Learning Specialist: WDC 501, 700, 701, 702

E Instruction Specialist creates, develops and teaches online as a part of their instruction or completely teaches courses online. The E- instruction specialist understands the specific challenges and requirements of online instruction and knows how to accomplish successful learning in a virtual classroom.

ESOL Program Development: WDC 601, 502, 503, 507

ESOL Program Development addresses the specific needs of establishing programs in a diverse workplace, including native and non-native development needs, scheduling, and program design.