Industry Outreach Service

Outreach to Virginiaís industry will be extended through many channels, including training programs in the Community Colleges and JMU, small company improvement projects and rapid response teams. The Center will rely on its partner, the Virginiaís Philpott Manufacturing Extension Partnership (VPMEP) branch which is currently housed at JMU, for administration and implementation of company improvement projects. This branch is part of an extensive national network of Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEP) managed and sponsored by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This nationwide network serves as one of the mechanisms for widespread dissemination of new technologies developed in the center or elsewhere. Initial introduction of such technologies to Virginia's manufacturers at their facilities can also be accomplished through the VPMEP project managers.

Implementation of new technologies and advanced manufacturing methods will then be accomplished under the direction of the Philpott branch Project Managers utilizing JMU faculty as a source of relevant expertise and students as interns eager to learn and help solve real problems presented by industrial sponsors. This vital interaction of between experienced VPMEP project managers, with their knowledge of Virginia's manufacturing community, and the other Center participants will provide the market knowledge required for developing the appropriate technology most needed by the widest range of Virginia's manufacturers.

The Centerís faculty, staff and students will also participate in a series of breakfast roundtable training sessions to be planned and organized by the Philpott Extension Partnership.

Because of breadth and depth of technical knowledge of its participants, the Center will be capable of organizing rapid response teams to tackle problems from a very wide range of technical, scientific and managerial areas. The teams will include the experienced professionals, as well as student from the Centerís partners, such as JMU, community colleges and program managers from the existing the Philpott Extension Partnership (VPMEP).

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