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Angela Mickens (’16)

College of Health and Behavioral Studies

What has been your favorite JMU class so far?

My General Education geography class. Jonathan Walker was my teacher, and that man is amazing. He walked in every day with a different outfit, depending on what we were studying, and he was just so real – honest, blunt, funny, and a great, great teacher. He made it worth if for every one of us.

Athlete scholar Angela Mickens balances basketball and academicsDo you ever get worn out?

Of course you get worn out some days, but when the mentality and the mind set is that you have to work and you have to keep going, that worn out gets pushed tot he back of your mind. It's really just keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing. That's what I've learned here. you can do it. You just have to keep pushing. When you do get worn out, then you know you're doing something right. You're getting better. Even then, you can still keep pushing.

I’m majoring in health sciences because health sciences is the umbrella for a whole lot of opportunities. I think I’d love to work in a hospital setting some day. I haven’t quite figured out the exact job yet, but definitely something in the medical field that has me helping people. I definitely want to help people.

Have you always been good at basketball?

I was good from an early age, but I’ve always known that I had work to do if I wanted to get better and achieve my goals. My brothers did a great job of instilling a strong work ethic in me, along with a toughness, too. I worked and I worked and I worked, and I am still working today. I will never stop working. I love it. Ball-wise, I knew that I had to work in order to get my education paid for. Besides the passion behind my work, there has always been a purpose behind it, too.

How was your high school basketball career?

I was four-time all-state in Virginia and I got Player of the Year my senior year when we won it all. Our team made it to state every year. We lost in the finals freshman year, semifinals my sophomore year, finals my junior year and then we finally did it and won it all senior year.

Putting on a show - Angela Mickens eludes Texas A&M defenders in NCAA play.Do you want to keep playing after college?

I would love to play in the WNBA if I could. I would love to play after college. I wouldn’t mind playing overseas. If I can continue my career playing basketball, I definitely will do that.

Has the academics side of JMU helped you grow intellectually?

It definitely has. No question about it. Of course it’s different than high school. I’ve always liked school. Early on, my mom made it clear that if you don’t get your school work done, you can’t play ball. I remember telling her, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll stay on top of my grades so that I can put a ball in my hand.”

Is your personality the same on and off the court?

No way. Off the court, I’m this shy, quiet person, but on the court I love to celebrate and put on a show. That’s my job. To make the crowd get on its feet. On the court, I just love to put on a show.

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