The University Writing Center offers a number of resources to support faculty as teachers, writers, and scholars:

Class Visits and Workshops

UWC consultants can visit your class at any point during the semester to coordinate guided peer review workshops or offer more topic-specific presentations and workshops tailored to your students' needs (e.g., "critical reading strategies," "revision and editing strategies," or "how to write a discussion section in an empirical article"). Use the UWC's Presentation Request Form to request a visit, and contact UWC Writing Specialist Lucy Malenke if you have questions.

Online Writing Guides and Handouts

The Writing Center's Writing Guides and Handouts site offers organized lists of useful online writing resources. If you are looking for new ways to explain a writing or citation concept, want additional writing resources for your students, or need your own quick refresher course, the UWC's Writing Guides and Handouts are a good starting place. If you've got useful material or links to suggest, or if there are additional resources you'd like to see, please contact UWC Associate Director of Writing Jared Featherstone (

University Writing Center Introductory Video

Please consider sharing our introductory video with your students and/or posting it on your course Canvas sites.

Syllabus Statement

Please consider adding the bullet point below (last revised on 9.19.2017) to your course syllabus or Canvas classroom:

  • University Writing Center: Located on the first floor of the Student Success Center, the University Writing Center is staffed by trained peer, graduate, and faculty consultants who offer free assistance with all types of academic and non-academic writing. UWC consultants can help you identify your writing ideas and questions, narrow your focus, organize your ideas, shape your work for different purposes and audiences in different genres and disciplines, incorporate and document your sources, and develop your revision strategies. To schedule a face-to-face or online session or to find what you need in a library of online writing resources, visit

If you're thinking about pointing a number of students toward the UWC before a deadline or due date, we'll work to fit them in (and we'd love to work with you). Just know that there are busy peaks during the semester when the UWC's online scheduler is a sea of blue (indicating that most available consulting hours have been reserved). Students do sometimes have a trouble scheduling an appointment before a due date.

Please note that the UWC and its consultants make it a policy not to discuss sessions with professors. It's important that students feel safe to test their writing ideas and approaches and important for the UWC to stay outside of the evaluative classroom learning space.

Individualized Writing Consultations

We welcome faculty to take advantage of the same individualized consultation services that we offer to students. You can make an appointment through our online scheduler.

Teaching Consultations

Writing Center consultants can assist faculty who teach writing in any discipline with assignment design and troubleshooting, evaluation techniques, and classroom strategies for enhancing student performance on written assignments. Guidelines for providing effective essay feedback to students can be downloaded by clicking here. Contact Jared Featherstone for additional information.

Designing Effective Assignments

Not getting the results you want from writing assignments? Looking to improve your prompts? Wondering how to help students manage major assignments or group projects? Most of us have encountered the problem of assignments that don't yield expected or desired results. In some cases, these results are related to our assignment prompts and to the ways we managed—or didn't manage—the assignment.

Guidelines for designing and integrating collaborative writing projects

Assignment Design Guidelines (download)

A four-part UWC-created video series dramatizing potential problems and opportunities with assignments:

Confusing Organization

Minimal Guidance


Group Writing

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation focused on writing assignments, please contact Jared Featherstone.

Course-Embedded Consultant Program

The Course-Embedded Consultant Program pairs advanced undergraduate writing consultants with courses in a variety of disciplines. In these classes, embedded consultants help lead writing workshops, deliver mini-lessons, hold individual student conferences, and collaborate on assignment design. Learn more about hosting an embedded consultant in one of your courses here.

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