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University Departments

Change Fund Request Form eMarket
Credit Cards Financial Procedures Manual
Delinquent Account Transfer Form Invoice
Departmental Deposits PCI: Payment Card 
Departmental Charges Form Request Advance Forms
Deposit Transmittal Form Wire/ACH Claim Form

Change Fund Request Form

This form must be completed and submitted to the University Business Office at least five business days prior to the date that the employee needs the funds to be deposited into their bank account. The form must be signed by an individual with signature authority and the funds will be direct deposited to the bank account of the University employee that will be repsonsible for the funds. 

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Credit Cards

In accordance with Financial Procedures Manual Section 4125.100, all payment card activity at James Madison University must be approved by the Assistance Vice President for Finance prior to implementation. It is the policy of James Madison University to fully comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) as implemented by the PCI Security Standards Council. Thus, we require each department on campus that accepts payment cards to submit the following documentation to the University Business Office.

For more information please visit our Payment Card Acceptance Forms and Resources page. 

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Delinquent Account Transfer Form

This form is used by departments to transfer delinquent accounts to the University Business Office. After 60 days, all delinquent accounts are to be transferred to the University Business Office for collection.

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Departmental Deposits

Departmental Deposits can be picked up by a member of our office and JMU police escort daily between 8:30-9:30AM. If your department has a deposit you would like picked up, please send an email to by 8:00AM of the day you are requesting the pick-up.

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Departmental Charges Form

This form gathers the information necessary for the University Business Office to collect charges from students on behalf of university departments.

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Deposit Transmittal Form

This form is required to transmit deposit information and expenditure credit items for Treasurer of Virginia revenue items for input to the Financial Information System.

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James Madison University uses HigherOnes eMarket which allows departments within JMU to receive payment via the internet and keep an easy track of their total earnings. 

For more information on eMarket please go to its home page or call Eugene Cummings at 540-568-3523 or email at

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Financial Procedures Manual

The JMU Financial Procedures Manual is written and published by the Division of Administration and Finance to provide authoritative guidance on the application of financial related procedures and systems for the University Campus.

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This form is used by departments to bill customers for goods provided/services rendered. A copy of the invoice is sent to the University Business Office.

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Payment Card Industry 

JMU has the ability to accept credit payments for goods and services both on-line and in person. All payment card acceptance must first be approved by the Assistant Vice President for Finance via the University Business Office. Under no circumstance may payment cards be accepted prior to proper authorizations.

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Request (Travel) Advance Forms

Wire/ACH Claim Form

This form is used by departments to notify the University Business Office that the department is expecting incoming wires/ACH payments. The University Business Office will use the information in the form to correctly route the funds once they arrive.

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Last Modified: 8/28/2014 
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