Tuition - Education & General Expenditures


Pie graph showing 2016-2017 Education and General fund expenditures.

Category Description
Public Service Funds expended for activities established primarily to provide noninstructional
services beneficial to individuals and groups external to the institution. Such activities could include seminars, projects, and various organizational entities to provide services to particular sectors of the community. An example is Community Service Learning.
Student Services Funds expended for activities whose primary purpose is to contribute to students' emotional and physical well-being and to their intellectual, cultural, and social development outside the context of formal instruction. Examples include Career and Academic Planning, Disablity Services, Counseling Center, and the Registrar.
Physical Plant Funds expended for facilities-related support to the JMU community
including transportation, trades, housekeeping, environmental
stewardship, facilities planning and construction, landscaping, and utilities.
Institutional Support Funds expended for support for the day-to-day operations of the university. Examples include fiscal operations, general administrative services, logistical services, and public relations and development.
Instruction & Academic Support [Instruction] Funds expended for activities which are part of the institution’s instructional program. Examples include the academic Colleges.
[Academic Support] Funds expended for activities carried out primarily to provide support services that are an integral part of the operations of one of the institution's three primary programs: instruction, research, and public
service. Libraries and Education Technologies as an example.


Auxiliary Comprehensive Fee

The auxiliary comprehensive fee, listed on the student account as the comprehensive fee, is a mandatory fee charged to all students. It covers non-academic services at the university.

Pie graph showing 2018-2019 auxiliary comprehensive fee breakdown.

Auxiliary Comprehensive Fee Text 2018-2019

Allocation Amount Description
Transportation Services $89 Support of the university's transportation services.
Student Health Services $227 Non-academic programs, departments and services that support and promote student health and wellness (University Health Center).
Facilities $364 Maintenance, operations and support of non-academic campus buildings.
Auxiliary Services $814 Non-academic programs, departments and services that facilitate student well-being, success, safety and support. 
Student Activity $763 Non-academic programs, departments and services that offer a variety of extra-curricular student activities and learning opportunities (Madison Union, Marching Royal Dukes).
Debt Services and Reserves $1,089 Support of non-academic student services, athletic capital construction and major facility maintenance.
Inercollegiate Athletics $1,420 Support of the intercollegiate athletic programs for men and women.
Total $4,766 Total comprehensive fee for the year; $2,383 per semester.

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