The 1098-T Tuition Statement forms for the current tax year are mailed to students no later than January 31 with qualifying tuition charges for tax credits.  1098-Ts are IRS informational forms issued to the student and mailed to the home address that the student has listed in MyMadison.

Some general information about the 1098-T form:

  1. If you had more grant/scholarship money than you had in tuition charges (only) for the current tax year, then there is no qualifying tuition available to claim as a tax credit.
  2. JMU sends 1098-T forms showing eligible tuition payments as well as any free money (grants, scholarships, etc) the student received during the tax year.
  3. Room and Board charges are not part of “qualified tuition” as defined by the IRS. 
  4. If you did not have qualifying tuition, then a 1098-T form was not processed.
Why didn't I receive a 1098-T form?
  1. Students whose qualified tuition expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships or grants.
  2. Nonresident alien students, unless requested by the student.
  3. Students whose qualified tuition is covered by the student's employer or a government entity. 
  4. Courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree program.
What next?

If you think you had qualifying tuition and do not have your 1098-T form, you can log into your M3 account and view your 1098-T there. If you have questions about your eligibility to receive a 1098-T for the current tax year, please contact the UBO at 540-568-6505 or email us at ubo@jmu.edu.  Additional information about the 1098-T form is available from the IRS at http://www.irs.gov/uac/Form-1098-T,-Tuition-Statement

Please visit the IRS Tax Benefits for Education page for more information on the how the 1098-T can be used.

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