This web page provides information about the Math Placement Exam (MPE) and the Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE).

The Math Placement Exam (MPE) is mandatory, while the Foreign Language Placement Exam  (FLPE) is dependent on the type of degree you are seeking.  Read below for important information on both placement exams.  As a JMU student, you are bound by the JMU Honor Code.

1. Math Placement Exam

If you have already taken the MPE as part of your One Book steps, you do not need to, nor can you, take it again.  You may proceed to the Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE) information below to determine if you need to take the FLPE.

Math Placement Exam is mandatory for all incoming students.  Even students who have credit for math must take the MPE.  You will not be able to progress through the registration steps until you have completed the exam.  Below you will find a short video from the mathematics department, a link to a sample MPE you may use to brush-up on your skills, and the link to begin the exam when you are ready. 

View important information from the Mathematics Department  (approx. 5 min)

Math Placement Script

Sample MPE - This .pdf file presents math problems and solutions so you may brush-up on your skills prior to attempting the MPE.

Ready to take the MPE - Plan for a 90 minute timeframe to complete the exam.  If you are unable to complete the exam in one sitting, click SAVE.  Do NOT click SUBMIT until you are ready to have the exam scored.  We will not reset the exam because you clicked the wrong button.

Finding your MPE Scores Tutorial

2. Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE)

The JMU FLPE exam is not a mandatory exam.  Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, a minor in a foreign language, or majoring in International Business or International Affairs have a foreign language requirement. Other students may simply be interested in beginning a language or continuing study in a language for their own benefit.  JMU does not give credit for introductory foreign language courses taken at your previous college if you took the same language for 2 years or more in high school. If you want to continue in the same language, you must take the JMU Foreign Language Placement exam.

Read below to learn about enrolling in a foreign language class and whether or not you need to take the JMU Foreign Language Placement Exam.     

Students beginning a new language:  Enroll in the 101 level of the course (e.g. ITAL 101)

Students continuing in French, German, Russian, and Spanish:  

  1.  Click here to determine if you need to take the online JMU FLPE for French, German, Russian, or Spanish.  This is an online exam.

  2.  If you take the exam, your JMU FLPE score should be posted to the MyMadison system within 48 hours of completion.  View this tutorial to learn how to find your JMU FLPE score in the MyMadison system. 

  3.  Use the Foreign Language Placement Matrix to find your course recommendation.  For example, a JMU FLPE score of 430 on the French exam places you into FR 232.  The MyMadison system will not allow you to enroll in a class unless your FLPE placement score is in the appropriate score range. 

 If you took the SAT II for French, German, or Spanish, click here for placement information. 

Students continuing study in all other languages:  Enroll in the 231 course level of that language (e.g. ITAL 231).  You will confirm or adjust your course level in August when you meet with the coordinator for that language.

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