Accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance

Accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre

James Madison University
School of Theatre and Dance
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Careers in Dance

The following is a short list of possible careers that might be pursued by a student graduating with a degree in Dance from James Madison University. Many of our graduates are now working in a number of these areas. The Dance major at JMU is a intense and complete undergraduate curriculum which has flexibility built into it to address the individual needs and interests of each student. The professional faculty in our program work hard at leading each of their assigned major advisee through the completion of their study and forward into beginning their selected “Career” in Dance.


  1. Professional Modern and Jazz Dance Companies
  2. Small Regional Ballet Companies
  3. Independent Choreographers/Individual Performers
  4. Young Audience/Artist in Education Companies
  5. Entertainment Companies (Amusement Parks/Cruise Ships/Reviews)
  1. University positions
  2. Community Colleges
  3. Magnet/Performing Arts High Schools
  4. Private and Public High Schools
  5. Community Recreation Programs
  6. Inner-city Programs
  7. Studios (As owner or employee)
  8.  Fitness Centers (Dance and Exercise Trainers)
  9. Senior Citizen Centers
  10. Professional Company Studios
  11. Special Workshop and Arts in Education
  1. Dance Therapy
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Massage Therapy
  4. Dance for Special Populations (Seniors, Handicap, Emotional/Physically challenged, Children, Teens at Risk, etc.)
  5. Specialized Areas (Alexander Tech., Feldenkrais, Bartenieff, Yoga, etc.)
  1. Company Business Manager
  2. Publicist/Fund-raiser
  3. Special Project Coordinator (Arts in Education, City and County programs)
  4. Community Theatre or Arts Center Manager
  5. Booking Manager for Organizations
  6. Arts Festival Director/Arts Funding Advisor for a corporation


  1. Stage Manager for Dance and Theatre
  2. Production Assistant
  3. Designer (Lighting, Costume, Scenery, Sound)
  4. House Manager
  5. Festival Technical Coordinator


  1. Own and operate a Dance Studio
  2. Professional Performing Artist, Teacher and Choreographer
  3. Free Lance Designer
  4. Dance Critic/Reviewer
  5. Dance Historian/Author
  6. Dance Photographer
  7. Dance Videographer