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Back by popular demand... workshops! Below is a listing of the courses offered:

ABP-What is it & How can I get involved?
Location: Festival, Conference Room 1

Alternative Break trips work with national and international communities by training and immersing students in purposeful service experiences designed to connect students and community members while promoting personal growth, mutual awareness and lifelong learning.

Sessions: 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Max: 25 per session

Exploring the Night Sky at the John C. Wells Planetarium
Location: John C. Wells Planetarium, Miller Hall

Our Ancestors were adept at decoding the sky to learn their position on the surface of the planet, to tell the passage of time, and to learn when winter was approaching. Today, astrophysics is an academic enterprise in which we have learned our Universe is filled with billions of galaxies, each of which can have billions of stars. We are now learning that planets around these stars are common. Is the discovery of life next? Join us for a workshop at the John C. Wells Planetarium to learn more about these discoveries and how you can use the constellations to find your way around the night sky.

Sessions: 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Max: 75 per session

Science on a Sphere
Location: Sphere Theater in Memorial Hall

This is a 3-D visualization theater, Science on a Sphere (SOS) projects animated image onto a unique six foot diameter, spherical movie screen.  Many of the current images for SOS use processed satellite data so the observer has the illusion of seeing Earth (and other planets) from an astronaut’s perspective in space.  You are invited to a presentation of movie shorts on the dynamic changes in Earth’s land cover, atmosphere, and oceans.  There will also be movie shorts on several other planets and a discussion of the SOS system technology.

Session: 1 p.m. Max: 30 per session

Climb the Wall!
Location: UREC

Come try your climbing skills at UREC’s climbing wall!

Session: 11 a.m. Max 20 per session

Location: UREC Instructional Room

Too busy to exercise?  Now you can workout at work.  Do your shoulders get tense when you glance at the stack of work piling up at your desk? Does your back ache if you spend too many hours hunched forward over your keyboard?  Do you use the excuse- it’s hard to find time to exercise?  Sitting at a desk all day puts pressure on your lower back, neck and shoulders.  By the end of the day, you may feel sore and exhausted.  Well, now you can’t make excuses anymore.  Relieve common aches and pains by taking several mini-breaks during the day. Come learn exercises and techniques that will energize and help you make it through that busy day.

Session: 11 a.m. and noon. Max: 40 per session 

ROTC: Eagle Hall Rappelling
Location: Eagle Hall

See what all the hype is about!   Rappel off Eagle Hall.  The JMU ROTC cadre will teach basic rappelling techniques and then give you the opportunity to try out your skills on one of the tallest buildings on campus.  No experience necessary.

Session: 3 sessions (11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m.) Max: 20 people per session

Cooking with JMU’s Chefs
Location: Festival, Conference Room 3

Learn how to spice up your regular cooking routine with JMU’s professional chefs!

Session: 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m. Max: 20 per session

Lighten Up
Location: Festival, Conference Room 2

This workshop presented by Commonhealth will discuss eliminating barriers to healthful living which will allow individuals more opportunity to prepare healthy meals.

Session: 11 a.m. Max: 20 per session

Container Gardens
Location: Behind ECL

This will be an interactive workshop as well as a discussion of soil, fertilizer and plant materials.  There will be a demo on starting a container garden & some lucky participant will receive a container garden of their own.

Session: 11 a.m. no max

Arboretum Tour
Location: Frances Plecker Education Center

Springtime is the Arboretum Time.  A guided tour of the Edith Carrier Arboretum to view the spring beauty.  Wear comfortable shoes.

Session: 11 a.m. Max: 25 per session

Forbes Center Tour
Location: Forbes Center for the Performing Arts. Mainstage Lobby

Enjoy a guided tour of the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts. See how the performance spaces were masterfully designed for optimal performance.

Session: 11 a.m. Max: 50 per session