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Door Prizes

Grand Prize Winners

Arehart, Kevin Eugene JMU Duke Club-Purple Folding Chair (Approx. Value $25)
Bland, Vickie Eugenia Forbes Center-Tickets to two the 2012 Masterpiece Season Holidayfest performance (value $30)
Blankenship II, Richard L Billy Jack's/Jack Brown's $10 Gift Card
Bradley, Penny Lynn Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Braxton, Sheena D JMU Duke Club-Purple Folding Chair (Approx. Value $25)
Brown III, Hugh H JMU Duke Dog Lunch Tote (Approx. Value $10)
Brown, Jessica Lindsay Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Chase, Pamela Michelle Sheetz-$25 Gift Card
Clark, Timothy Ryan Red Front-24" Marshmallow Skewer Kit (Value $5)
Clutteur, Debra Kay Martin's $100 Gift Card
Cook, Scott L JMU Dining Voucher (Value $9.50)
Cowger, Kim Alan Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Crawford, Tamela Sue Hair Fashions-$35 Gift Certificate
Cuellar, Darla J Cargill-Smoked Turkey (retail value $75)
Curry, Christal K Inner Finish Systems-Large Decorative Mirror (value $150)
Dove, Elizabeth Anne JMU Dining Voucher (Value $9.50)
Dovel, Marcy L JMU Dining Voucher (Value $9.50)
Foust Jr, Richard D Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Gibson, Jamie S Cargill-Roast Beef (retail value $85)
Harrington, Diane M McAlisters-Complimentary Lunch (Approx. Value $15)
Hopkins, Delaney L Cargill-Oven Roasted Turkey (retail value $70)
Hopkins, Sheila Ann Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Hottinger, Amanda F Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Houff, Joan Elaine Alberto & Maurico's-$20 Gift Card
Howdyshell Jr, Jerrold W JMU Dining Voucher (Value $9.50)
Johnson, Peter G JMU Duke Dog Lunch Tote (Approx. Value $10)
Judy, Amy D Beach Bum Tanning-1 Week Platinum (Approx. Value $50)
Kaufman, Abram Timothy Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Landes, Caitlin Lee Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Lunn, Sarah Marie Bravo-Complimentary Lunch (Approx value $15.00)
Mandernach, Meris A Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
McDaniel, Kathryn Margaret Gardner Snow and Ice-Crystal Snowman Ornament (Value $10)
Mersiovsky, Melody Louise El Charro-$30 Gift Card
Mueller, Christopher G Mr J's Bagels-Lunch for 2 (Value $12)
Nasser, Saman Alberto & Maurico's-$20 Gift Card
Patrick, Leslie Lyndell Harley Davidson-Touring Lantern (value $75)
Pereira, Frank JMU Duke Club-Purple Folding Chair (Approx. Value $25)
Proctor, Stacy M Bravo-Complimentary Lunch (Approx value $15.00)
Purcell, Aneita Kay Applebee's $10 Gift Card
Reedy, Floyd C Harley Davidson-Holiday Heritage Collection (value $75)
Rexrode, Sue G Beach Bum Tanning-1 Week Platinum (Approx. Value $50)
Senger-Puckett, Tamara Dawn McAlisters-Complimentary Lunch (Approx. Value $15)
Shifflett, Betty Lou Boston Beanery-$5.00 Coupon
Shifflett, Susan D JMU Duke Dog Lunch Tote (Approx. Value $10)
Shifflett, Theresa Ann DUO-$20 Gift Certificate
Taylor, Diana L Beach Bum Tanning-5 Gold Sessions (Approx. Value $50)
Varner, Linda Lou Bravo-Complimentary Lunch (Approx value $15.00)
White, Louise A Bravo-Complimentary Lunch (Approx value $15.00)
Wilkins, Joyce Arlene Polished-$25 Gift Certificate
Woolf, Jacqueline Kay Beach Bum Tanning-1 Customized Air Brush (Approx. Value $50)
Wright, Jeffrey Clay JMU Human Resources-Black Tote from FranklinCovey (Value $159)

Prizes won by employees will be taxed according to the value indicated. Prizes must be included in the employee’s income and is subject to social security, Medicare, federal and state income taxing per IRS regulations

We would like to thank the following sponsors for donating:

  • 2 tickets to the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts 2012-2013 Masterpiece Season Holidayfest
  • Alberto & Maurico’s (formerly Dona Rosa)
  • Aramark
  • Beach Bum Tanning
  • Beyond
  • Boston Beanery
  • Bravo
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Cici’s Pizza
  • Duke Club
  • Duo
  • Family Christian Bookstore
  • Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • Great Wraps
  • Hair Fashions by Michael
  • Harley Davidson
  • Inner Finish Systems
  • Jack Brown’s/Billy Jack’s
  • JMU Alumni Assoc
  • Kroger
  • L’Italia
  • Lost River Guest House
  • McAlister’s,
  • Mint
  • Moxie
  • Mr. J’s
  • Polished
  • Red Front
  • Sheetz
  • Smoothie King
  • Snow & Ice
  • Tractor Supply
  • UREC
  • Walmart


Beyond – 20% off from May 14-31 with JAC card

Great Wraps – "2 for $10" (2 wraps/sandwiches and any combination of 2 sides or drinks for $10) deal May 14 – 20 with JAC card