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To enhance student learning and meet
departmental student employment needs by
providing meaningful work experiences.

Part-Time Job Posting Form

Local Employers may post Part-Time job opportunities through the Student Employment Office. After a job is submitted, the Student Employment Office will review the position. Once the position is approved it will be posted on the website within 3 business days.

The Student Employment Office will follow-up with anyone desiring to post any childcare, babysitting, or personal assistant or related position before a decision is made whether or not to post the position on our job posting site. 

If you have questions at any point, please call 540-568-3269 or email studentjobs@jmu.edu.

We thank you for your interest in JMU students!

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The James Madison University Student Employment Office reserves the right to determine if any request for an open employment posting is appropriate for our students. Student Employment is not responsible for the quality, integrity, working ability, or other attributes of any students responding to your job posting. Student Employment acts in a referral capacity only and does not screen students who pursue job opportunities through the Off-Campus Part-Time Job Program. Use of our services shall be entirely at the risk of the employer hereof and the University expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect thereto.

*You agree to the above conditions by typing your initials below and submitting this form:

Positions will remain active on our website for 4 weeks. If you would like the position to remain on the website for a longer period of time, please contact the Student Work Experience Center at studentjobs@jmu.edu, or 540-568-3269 after the 4 week period.


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