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Madison Collaborative

Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries with Civic Literacy

Dean Mary Gowan from JMU's College of Business co-authored an article in Peer Review magazine (AAC&U, 2015) that focuses on critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and a broad world view as important for liberal education and civic literacy.
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Bioethics and the Eight Key Questions

Photo of JMU alumnus Brian Hochheimer, Emmes Corporation, with staff

Asking Eight Key Questions can assist in working through knotty bioethical situations.
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Field Experiences for IDLS 400 Students
Spring 2015 brought exciting and eye-opening experiences to Professor Erica Cavanagh's IDLS 400 class of the what, why, and how we eat and who the stakeholders are in the process of getting that food in our hands and to our tables.

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Responding to Campus Assault with Campus Assault ResponsE
We all have a responsibility to be educated on the signs and prevention methods of sexual assault. CARE is one student organization that takes that responsibility to heart.

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Leading by Example: How Delta Delta Delta Made its Mark on Greek Life
JMU sorority Delta Delta Delta wins Ethical Reasoning in Action Award for turning a disciplinary situation into an anti-hazing educational program.

Delta Delta Delta wins Ethical Reasoning in Action Award

One Book, One Harrisonburg
In collaboration with the MC and others, the OESS hosted multiple events centered on the theme of sustainability and ethical reasoning via the inaugural Book for the 'Burg program.

B4B Participants

Ethical Reasoning Encourages Inter-Professional Collaboration
A one-day inter-professional seminar, funded in part by a Madison Collaborative grant, encouraged students from different disciplines to engage in ethical reasoning and reflection using relevant case examples.


The virtue of individual justice
Justice William C. Mims explains that justice is something we can strive for each on an individual level to improve our society.

Bridging the Gap between Classroom and Community
An MC grant helped support ethical reasoning training for students and professionals who educate families about healthcare and healthy child development.

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Ethical Decision Making Through Recreation
UREC is more than just a place to exercise or learn about a new fitness ideal location for students to practice their critical thinking and ethical reasoning skills when making decisions.

UREC Leaders Receive Training in the 8KQ

Ethical decision-making. It's Complicated.
Dr. Brian Charette, associate vice president, University Planning and Analysis, recently lead a group of 30 first-year students through their It's Complicated session.


The Ethics of Learning
Dr. Holly McCartney, an associate professor of education, recently spent time researching "What does it mean to 'Do The Right Thing' as an early childhood or elementary teacher."

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Ethics or the bottom line
Business decisions often affect the environment and the community at large. College of Business Dean Mary Gowan offers insight on making informed decisions.

College of Business Dean Mary Gowan in classroom

MC Assessment Team Showcases Efforts at NERA Conference
The Madison Collaborative assessment team and graduate students involved in assessment presented "Assessing Ethical Reasoning in Higher Education: An Example" at the annual conference of the Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA).


It's complicated
The Madison Collaborative, JMU's breathtaking new endeavor, aims to instill in every student a competency for making ethical decisions.

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How will students learn ethical reasoning skills?
Multi-disciplinary team from across campus comes together to build center for ethical reasoning.

The Madison Collaborative - Eight Questions

Putting ethical reasoning into action
Multi-disciplinary team from across campus comes together to build center for ethical reasoning.

QEP Steering Committee