Sharing her passion to be a physician


Thankful for all the opportunities her scholarship has afforded, Emya Lee is determined to become a physician. 

Centennial Scholar, Emya Lee, shares what drives her passion to be a physician during the 2013 Annual Stewardship Luncheon.

Financing college can be a daunting task, but should dedicated, talented individuals be barred from a university education just because of finances?

The Centennial Scholarship Program provides aid to minority and underrepresented students from low socio-economic backgrounds. Scholarship recipients, like Emya Lee, need to not only show financial need, but also demonstrate a passion for their field of study and a commitment to engage in campus activities, cultural events, and community service.

Emya is a science major with a concentration in pre-physicians assistance and a minor in biology. She is a member of Reality Educators Advocating Campus Health and a volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club.Centennial Scholar Emya Lee credits her grandfather and JMU scholarship donors.Emya Lee

“My education has been made possible by the generosity of those who have supported my scholarship, as well as the encouragement I have received from my loving family. My scholarship has opened doors for me and for that my family is forever grateful to this life-changing donation—we cannot express how much this means to us.

I credit my grandfather with my success. His story has inspired and motivated me: when he was about 15, he attempted to smuggle himself from Chios, Greece to America several times in hopes of finding a better life for him and his family. He faced numerous barriers such as the language, shelter, and citizenship. Once here, he became successful as a chef and opened numerous restaurants. He saved enough money to move his mother, father, brother, and two sisters as well as all their spouses into this country. He gave them jobs in his restaurants until they could get on their feet. My grandfather, Mike George Koutsounadis, has lived the American Dream and my goal is to follow in his footsteps of perseverance and determination against the odds.    

My dream is to become a physician that works in minority communities to service individuals who are less represented. An education from JMU is the foundation I need to build this dream upon. Thank you to all of the donors for giving students like me the opportunity to follow our dreams.”

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