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Will social security be around when you retire?

JMU professor Barkley Rosser

JMU economics professor's Rosser equation answers questions on social security.
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It's not about getting rich

Ben Stout and Eric Wallsko

JMU faculty and alumni help students apply creativity and put innovation into practice.
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Sometimes it takes a maverick or two
Alumni duo endows Business Plan Competition and engages students with competition and incentive.

Meet CoB Graduate Sean Britt
Two years into a busy, highly successful career, CoB graduate Sean Britt still makes time to come back to Showker to share his thoughts and insights with current students.

College of Business Students Navigate SharePoint
One of the major goals of study for disciplines in the College of Business is to prepare students to enter the job market with a competitive edge and knowledge of current industry practices. To help better prepare students, many professors in the CoB are introducing one of the leading business collaboration tools-Microsoft's SharePoint.

Student Athletes Work Especially Hard to Succeed in Business Courses
Student athletes enrolled in College of Business courses face more of a challenge than most when it comes to balancing time and succeeding in the classroom as well as on their sports teams. Succeeding as both a student and an athlete depends heavily on strong time management skills and dedication to such success.

CoB Expands Experiential Learning Tour to Include Trips to DC, Boston, and NYC
This year, the CoB Experiential Learning Tour has expanded to include student trips to Washington, D.C. and Boston in addition to New York City.

Senior Marketing Student Rachel Lam Gains Recognition
The past few weeks have been a time of celebration for senior marketing student Rachel Lam—in addition to landing a job as a Search Engine Optimization specialist for Rimm-Kaufman Group, Lam has also been awarded a scholarship from the national marketing honor society, Mu Kappa Tau, and she has been named the 2014 Outstanding Marketing Student for the College of Business. And Lam attributes much of this success to her upbringing.

Jonathan Wight Presents the Moral Foundations of Capitalism
On Monday, April 7, the Madison Economics Club hosted Professor Jonathan Wight of the University of Richmond to deliver a seminar about the moral foundations of capitalism according to Adam Smith—s ethics.

Support the Dean's Club
New this year is a way you can make a difference with students and faculty by truly enhancing the national prominence of your College of Business. The Dean—s Club has been recreated from what was formerly known as the College of Business Network Program. It is now the primary fundraising group within the College.

Graduate MSA Student Rachel Hershey Leads Cross-Cultural Trips
JMU graduate student Rachel Hershey recognizes the importance of a global worldview thanks to her experiences living in Guatemala and Mexico—experiences that have not only opened her eyes to other cultures, but have given her a new perspective on American society.

Financial Risk Management Concentration Leads to FRM Exam Success
The Financial Risk Management (FRM) Exam is typically reserved for graduate students with some professional experience under their belts. However, students leaving the College of Business risk management concentration with the Department of Finance and Business Law are passing Level 1 of this exam shortly after graduating, which was previously unheard of.

JMU Alumnus Chris Meadows Earns Position as COO in the U.S. Army
Christopher Meadows (JMU '10) earned the Certified Manager (CM) certification in April 2010 as a senior management student at James Madison University. Only four years after graduating from JMU, Meadows has earned a position in the U.S. Army as Chief Operating Officer, where he works in health care administration and oversees policy and program administration for several facilities and small field hospitals.

Professors Set Up Forensic Crime Scene Lab for Graduate Accounting Course
Accounting professors David Hayes and Tim Louwers set up an accounting forensics crime scene lab on the sixth floor of Zane Showker Hall to teach graduate students the process of investigating crime scenes.

SSLS Student Writes Dissertation on Immigrants with Professional Credentials
Stephen Lambert, a Ph.D. student in the School of Strategic Leadership Studies, is currently working on a dissertation about immigrants with professional credentials, a topic with which he has become very familiar from years of teaching English as a second language courses in Harrisonburg.

Dr. Scott Gallagher's Research Named 2013 Best Practitioner Paper
Recently, Management department head and professor Dr. Scott Gallagher won the 2013 Best Practitioner Paper Award for his article titled, "The Battle of the Blue Laser DVDs: The Significance of Corporate Strategy in Standards Battles."

Professor reporting from Winter Paralympic Games
Dr. Joshua Pate plans to use the experience to inform his teaching and research at JMU.

ICPM Hires Recent CoB Marketing Grad Aly Wilkins
Multiple seasoned professionals applied for a job opening last spring as a marketing/customer service representative for the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. Of all the applicants, Aly Wilkins (Marketing, '13) stood out to Executive Director Lynn Powell, CM, who offered Wilkins the position.

New Professional Sales Lab Simulates Real Sales Experience
Thanks to donations from TEK Systems, Carahsoft, and SAP, the marketing department has created and introduced a professional sales lab to its students.

UREC Student Employees Win National Award
Three UREC staff members recognized as top students in collegiate recreation.

Ethics or the bottom line
Business decisions often affect the environment and the community at large. College of Business Dean Mary Gowan offers insight on making informed decisions.

Wall Street success with some alumni networking help
Come to JMU and you're part of the Madison family. Professors invest in your success; alumni mentor and network in your behalf. Read J.P. Kril's story and see how it works.

Who is the JMU entrepreneur?
These entrepreneurs are intense competitors and go after a challenge - and they are JMU students.

Who is the JMU entrepreneur?
These entrepreneurs are intense competitors and go after a challenge - and they are JMU students.

College of Business Leadership Council
College of Business faculty has not been afraid to dream big or put in the extra time and effort to make plans work.

Making a case for alumni involvement
Alumni award winner Mike Thomas ('76, '77M) is convinced that JMU is a special place and that there's power in giving back to Madison.

Harrisonburg downtown redevelopment benefits community and JMU.

Dean Mary Gowan Letter for Spring Enews
Many great things are happening in the College of Business and at JMU.

Recent MBA Graduate Eric Korn Encourages Students to Go the Extra Mile
"Every class you take, be it small or large, offers you something. It is up to you to figure out what that something is," says Eric Korn, a 2012 graduate from JMU—s Master of Business Administration program.

College of Business Alumnus Challenges Class of 2013
Don Rainey ('82) challenged the College of Business class of 2013 to be brave. The first step is to give back to the university so that others who follow them can continue to be brave.

Employing a competitive edge
It's real world learning at its best. The JMU Capital Markets Lab gives students access to real-time Wall Street financial data and information technology.

Jumping off a cliff
Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Students in Bill Wales' class get to unleash their creativity, start ventures, solve problems and learn from failure. The result? Students have created thriving ventures that prosper long past the end of the course...

COB 300
In one semester JMU's COB 300 12-credit interdisciplinary class requires student teams to build a business from the ground up. Alumni say the course provided them with the skills to succeed in the real world.

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