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Application Guidelines for Undergraduate Research Conferences

All students wishing to apply to either the NCUR or CAA conferences for 2014 must follow the application process as listed below. All applicants must be processed through our office to be considered for JMU support to attend one of the conferences, if selected by the committee.

Please click on the links below to access the student application and sample abstract. For your convenience, the forms are interactive and must be completed in MS Word, saved to your computer and submitted as attachments through email. Please refer to STEP 1 below.

Please complete and save the application and abstract to your computer or disk.

DEADLINE: NOON, Friday, October 11, 2013


STEP 1: All applications and abstracts must be submitted electronically, in MS Word

Step 1 of the application process is electronic. After completing and saving your application and abstract, please submit by email to: (Copy and paste the email address if your computer does not support the link.)

  • Please enter undergrad research application in the subject line.
  • Please attach both the saved completed student application (name_application.doc) & abstract (name_abstract.doc).
  • Enter your name (and co-PI if applicable), email and faculty advisor's name in the body of the email and send.
  • By emailing your application and abstract you consent to be considered by the selection committee for attendance to the conference as noted in your application. Submission does not guarantee acceptance.
  • If selected for attendance to either conference, you will be notified through email by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

    Please request your research advisor to submit the original completed and signed Letter of Support (found at the link provided) to OSP-UR at MSC 5728 (*to be returned under separate cover or in a sealed envelope with the applicant's name written across the flap).

Letter of Support

Meeting the deadline of NOON, Friday, October 11, 2013 enables the Undergraduate Research Selection Committee to review the applications and select students to represent JMU in a timely manner.

Those candidates selected by JMU will be contacted by email and then must move on to the second phase of the application process, also completed electronically.


STEP 2: "External" Abstract Submission for Students (selected by the committee)

Successful External Applications
Due: To be announced

To Attend NCUR:

Students selected by the JMU Selection Committee to attend NCUR will be contacted after the initial application process and are required to submit their electronic abstract and other information online for consideration for acceptance by NCUR officials.

Only the primary presenter should submit the abstract for consideration on behalf of his or her team or group.

Students must complete this second step of the application process if selected, no later than (to be determined). Students must complete a brief external application process when submitting the application to NCUR, so please allow an extra 10-20 minutes to complete. Additional details will be provided by email to assist you in completing the application process. Dates for the NCUR conference are April 3-5, 2014.

To Attend CAA

Students selected by the JMU Selection Committee to attend CAA will be contacted after the initial application process (Step 1) and are required to submit their electronic abstract and other information online to attend the CAA conference. Dates for the CAA Undergraduate Research Symposium are to be announced.

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