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February 2005

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National Institutes of Health Changes Required Forms
Please bookmark the following sites and update your forms for submission to NIH -
The forms available on the NIH website continue to be provided in two formats—MS Word and PDF-fillable using Adobe Acrobat Reader Software. Applicants are strongly encouraged to access the instructions and forms via the Internet because they provide valuable links to current policy documents and allow easy navigation of the instructions. This is particularly important with this version due to the interactive format of the instructions.

Revised PHS 398 (DHHS Public Health Service Grant Application) Now Available:
Revised PHS 2590 (Non-Competing Grant Progress Report) Now Available:

All of these newly revised forms and complete instructions are available on the NIH Forms and Applications page at

Pointers from Pat -

NIH Provides Support for New Investigators
NIH, announces the posting of a new website that articulates NIH's continuing commitment to new investigators. To view the resources available, go to URL: The website describes current policies, data related to the influx of new investigators, resources that new investigators can use to understand and work with the NIH, and helpful hints that might be useful in constructing a first application for NIH support.

Selected Funding Announcements

DARPA is soliciting proposals for innovative research and development of a chip scale array platform that integrates scalable biological ion channel device architectures to enable direct, real-time conversion of bio-molecular signals into electrical signals. This program focuses on the exploitation of stochastic, temporal information for the real-time analysis and detection of various molecular targets of interest. Proposers are strongly encouraged to engage commercial and military end-users and commercial manufacturers from the program inception.
DUE: March 4, 2005
WEB: Link to Full Announcement -

The Air Force will be soliciting proposals for research and development (R&D) under a planned TOPS III program. This program will support R&D in intermetallic alloys and other materials for high temperature applications, developing and testing new computer tomography and other inspection techniques, and research on a variety of sensor/high strength/lightweight/high temperature materials for aerospace applications. Two contract awards, one awarded under full and open competition and the other a small business set-aside, are anticipated. A full solicitation is expected to be released 45 days from this solicitation's publication date, which was Jan. 20.
WEB: More information is available at:

DOE invites applications for funding under the FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program. This program supports university-affiliated research institutions for research and development (R&D) and curriculum development in five areas: (1) low temperature combustion; (2) emission control devices; (3) technologies to enhance energy efficiency; (4) advanced fuel formulations; and (5) Graduate Automotive Technology Education Centers of Excellence. FUNDING: For research areas 1-4, up to $5 million is expected to be available for 4-6 awards having a project period of 36-60 months. For the fifth research area, approximately $2.5 million is expected to be available for 6-10 awards having a project period of 60 months. Cost-sharing of at least 20 percent is required for R&D projects.
ELIGIBILITY: Public and private institutions of higher education are eligible to submit applications.
DUE: March 10, 2005
WEB: More information is available at:

DOE invites applications for funding to support concept studies and component development for distributed wind technologies. This includes the development of small wind turbine technology that demonstrates the potential for improvements in cost, reliability, and performance in grid-connected applications at low wind speed regimes.
FUNDING: For concept studies, approximately $300,000 is expected to be available for three awards having a project period of 12-18 months. For component development, approximately $1.4 million is expected to be available for three awards having a project period of 2-3 years.
ELIGIBILITY: Federally funded research and development centers are not eligible to apply.
DUE: March 2, 2005(Concept Studies), March 14, 2005 (Component Development).
WEB: More information is available at: (Concept Studies)
WEB: (Component Development)

NASA will be soliciting proposals for development of a space flight-qualified lithium-ion battery for the Solar Dynamics Observatory Project. The lithium-ion battery must survive handling, transportation, and launch environments, and must operate in orbit for at least 63 months. Full and open competition is encouraged. A full solicitation is expected to be released on or about Jan. 31, 2005.
WEB: More information is available at:

NSF is soliciting proposals for funding under the National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Digital Library program. This program aims to establish a national digital library that will constitute an online network of learning environments and resources for STEM education at all levels.
FUNDING: Approximately $9 million in FY 2005 funding is expected to be available for 15-24 awards.
DUE: Optional letters of intent are due March 9, 2005; full proposals are due April 11, 2005.
WEB: More information is available at:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is soliciting proposals for funding under the 2005 Small Grants Program. Research is sought in seven program areas detailed below.
ELIGIBILITY: Eligible are public and private for-profit and nonprofit organizations and Native American Tribal governments.
DUE: All proposals are due Sept. 30, 2005.
WEB: More information is available at:

Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Program - The purpose of this program is to improve student reading skills and academic achievement by providing students with increased access to up-to-date school library materials; well-equipped, technologically advanced school library media centers; and well-trained, professionally certified school library media specialists.
Priority: Under this competition we are particularly interested in applications that address the following priority. Invitational Priority: For FY 2005 this priority is an invitational priority. Under this priority the Secretary strongly encourages applicants to focus their efforts on elementary schools to maximize the impact of the project on improving reading achievement.
FUNDING:$190,000 is the average award with approximately 100 awards available.
ELIGIBILITY: Eligible Applicants: LEAs in which at least 20 percent of the students served by the LEA are from families with incomes below the poverty line based on the most recent satisfactory data available from the U.S. Census Bureau at the time this notice is published.
DUE: March 14, 2005


The following are funding deadlines organized by discipline. Please select the applicable discipline to access possible funding opportunities: (courtesy of The Grant Advisor Plus)

Contact Pat Buennemeyer for more information on these and other funding opportunities.