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Grants Updates

Notes for Notes for Faculty & Staff
Gateway Announcement - August 19, 2006
From: Academic Affairs

John Hulvey

John D. Hulvey

Director, Sponsored Programs
Administration and Accounting
hulveyjd@jmu.edu or x8-3725


Pat Buennemeyer has retired as the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs. We wish to thank Pat for her 27 years of dedicated service in building the Sponsored Research Program into one of excellence with national recognition. We are pleased to announce John Hulvey will add the duties of Directing the Office of Sponsored Programs to his existing duties as the Director of Grant Accounting. In this dual role as Director of Sponsored Programs Administration and Accounting , John will continue the development of external funding and JMU's cooperation with federal, state, and private sponsors.

The organizational consolidation of the pre-award Sponsored Program operations and the post-award Grants and Contracts Financial Services operations will provide many advantages. We believe that one director can help reduce administrative burden, improve communication, and reduce time and costs within the organization.

John will report to John Noftsinger concerning Sponsored Program matters and J.W. Myers concerning Grant Accounting matters. Tamara Hatch will serve as the Associate Director of Sponsored Programs and will guide the day to day operations of that office. These overall changes will complete a strong team dedicated to expanding and enhancing external funding.

John and his staff are excited by this opportunity and look forward to building, continuing, and enhancing relationships with faculty and Sponsored Program sponsors. Should you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact John at hulveyjd@jmu.edu or 568-3725.

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Undergraduate Research - “Internal Deadline for applications to present is Friday October 27 at noon.”

Please note the important updates below for the 2007 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and the Colonial Academic Alliance (CAA). Please visit the Sponsored Programs - Undergraduate Research website below for detailed information and internal deadlines. Please contact x8-6872 with questions or additional concerns. http://www.jmu.edu/sponsprog/UndergradResearch.htm

NCUR 2007 (official website: http://www.ncur.org/)

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2007
Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA
April 12-14, 2007
Printable Flyer with important date: http://www.dominican.edu/ncur21/ncurdatesflyer03-09-06.pdf

  CAA 2007 (official website: http://www.colonialacademicalliance.org/)

Colonial Academic Alliance (CAA) 2007
UNC Wilmington, North Carolina
April 20 & 21, 2007

Compliance Corner
  REMINDER - Externally funded research involving human subjects and animals

Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the process of seeking Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval in advance of receipt of external funding, unless otherwise noted in the sponsor's program guidelines.

Please visit the following research links for more information on submitting research protocols:

IRB Mission: http://www.jmu.edu/sponsprog/irb.html
To oversee and review all research projects that involve research with human subjects. It is important to note that the IRB reviews all projects, not just externally supported activities. These reviews include faculty/ student research and classroom activities as well. See IRB Policy for more details.

IACUC Mission: http://www.jmu.edu/sponsprog/iacuc.html
Our mission is to oversee and review all classroom and research projects involving the use of living vertebrate animals to ensure the humane care and use of animals in accordance with the Health Research Extension Act of 1985. Public law 99-158.

  Please refer to the travel policy at the following webpage link for updated travel compliance issues and new effective rates:


PLEASE NOTE: New changes may also impact grant budgets that were created before the new rates took effect. While it is allowable to charge the new rates for grant travel beginning after July 1, 2006, the PI is responsible for remaining within the approved budget. Any budget overage resulting from using the new rates will be charged to the PI's department.

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Funding Resources
Please visit the "funding resources" link at the following website for resource listings and searchable databases and a new section on "funding opportunites" that will be updated monthly.


  Community of Science (COS) - "complimentary service"

Community of Science (COS) is a technology-driven publisher of web-based information, products and services designed to advance the scientific and scholarly research community. James Madison University is a subscriber to this service and makes the COS products and services available to all faculty and staff at no charge. COS services include COS Expertise, COS Funding Opportunities, U.S. Patents Database, and access to Medline and the Federal Register. Visit the COS website at http://www.cos.com/.

Once a user’s Expertise Profile is entered into this database, it is possible to receive announcements of funding opportunities tailored to match an individual’s research interests.  For more information about COS or their extensive services, or to sign up for the COS Expertise database, please contact Sponsored Programs at 568-6872; or visit the following url: http://registration.cos.com/cos/basic.html?Selection=Join.

Remember, JMU makes access to the Community of Science available free of charge. This is a convenient and powerful way to access information about potential funding sources for research and other scholarly endeavors or to find information about potential collaborators in specified areas of interest.

Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) - "complimentary service"

The Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) is a unit of the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign. Established in 1979, the IRIS office was originally set up to provide information on federal and private funding opportunities to the University of Illinois community. Over time, that mission grew to include other institutions of higher education in the United States. Today, IRIS offers three Web-based services to over 200 colleges, universities, and research centers.

The IRIS Database currently contains over 9,000 active federal and private funding opportunities in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. In addition to funding opportunities for faculty, the IRIS Database also contains fellowships and scholarships for grad students and undergrads. Users can search IRIS by sponsor, deadline date, keyword, and other criteria. Most IRIS records contain live links to sponsor Web sites, electronic forms, or Electronic Research Administration (eRA) portals. The IRIS Database is updated daily.

The IRIS Alert Service enables students, staff, and researchers at subscribing institutions to create their own IRIS search profiles. Users can select their preferred search frequency, delivery method (e-mail or Web), and keywords. The program runs the user's profile against the IRIS database and delivers the search results automatically via e-mail or the Web.

The IRIS Expertise Service enables researchers at subscribing institutions to create detailed electronic CVs ("biosketches") and post them to a Web-accessible database for viewing by colleagues at other institutions, program officers at federal and private funding agencies, and private companies. The biosketches can also be used in the electronic submission of grant proposals. There are no copyright or ownership restrictions on IRIS Expertise Service biosketches. Subscribing institutions can download their faculty members' biosketches at any time and use them to populate a local database—or even another online service.
Get started NOW! http://iris.library.uiuc.edu/~iris/alert/ (may access from any internet location - on or off campus)

The Grant Advisor Plus - ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS

There are 2 ways to connect to this resource; IP Access and Password Access, both of which are available to subscribers:

  1. IP Access (no password required, the web page for IP Access is: http://www.grantadvisor.com/tgaplus/
    IP Access Problems: If you were denied access, please contact Sponsored Programs.
  2. Password Access:
    To use this method, you may connect from any Internet service provider. This is useful for faculty and staff who wish to access the site from home or when traveling. The password changes each month. The web page for Password Access is: http://www.grantadvisor.com/tgapass/
    When prompted enter the User Name and Password:
    • Please contact Sponsored Programs at jmu_grants@jmu.edu to request the user name and password. (The password changes each month.)

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Selected Funding Announcements

American Association of University Women

University Scholar-In-Residence

Women American Federation for Aging Research

2007 AFAR Research Grants

Department of Energy

Office of Nuclear Physics Outstanding Junior Investigator Program - program Notice DE-PS02-ER06-22

Environmental Protection Agency

Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships for Graduate Enviornmental Study

International Research & Exchanges Board

Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program

Samuel H. Kress Foundation

The Practice of Art History and Conservation

National Academy of Education

Spencer Fellowship Program

National Endowment for the Humanities

Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants

National Science Foundation

CISE Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI)

Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry


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American Association of University Women

University Scholar-In-Residence.

  • The AAUW Education Foundation invites letters of intent from universities to fund a female scholar to conduct a research project on issues related to gender equity in education and/or economic security for women and girls.
  • Funding: Each year, the Foundation awards a single grant of $100,000 for a two-year research project.
  • Web: http://www.aauw.org./fga/
  • Deadline: December 1st - letter of intent
American Federation for Aging Research

2007 AFAR Research Grants.

  • The major goal of this program is to assist in the development of the careers of junior investigators committed to pursuing careers in the field of aging research. (Applicant should be serving in 1st or 2nd year of a junior faculty appointment.)
  • AFAR funds research projects concerned with understanding the basic mechanism of aging.
  • NON Eligilible: Projects that deal strictly with clinical problems (such as diagnosis and treatment of) are non-eligible.
  • Funds may not be requested for overhead or indirect cost.
  • Funding: Anticipation of 15 grants of up to $60,000 each will be awarded in 2007.
  • Web: http://www.afar.org/grants.html
  • Deadline: December 15th (Funding will begin July 1, 2007)
Department of Energy

Office of Nuclear Physics Outstanding Junior Investigator Program - Program Notice DE-PS02-06ER06-22.

  • The DOE invites grant applications for support under the Outstanding Junior Investigator (OJI) Program in nuclear physics.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be tenure-track faculty involved in research related to nuclear physics projects, but must be no more than 10 years beyond the Ph.D. at time of application.
  • Web: http://www.science.doe.gov/grants/FAPN06-22.html
  • Deadline: Optional letter of intent - September 19th; Applications - November 8th
Environmental Protection Agency

Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships for Graduate Environmental Study.

  • EPA is offering Graduate Fellowships for masters and doctoral level students in enviornmental fields of study.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be US citizens or its territories or possessions, or be lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence and must be attending a US institution that receives less than $35 million in Federal Research and Development expenditures.
  • Funding: Anticipation that $1.4 million will be available for about 15 awards. The fellowship program provides up to $37,000 per year of support.
  • Web: http://es.epa.gov/ncer/rfa/2007/2007_star_gro_grad.html
  • Deadline: November 28th

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International Research & Exchanges Board

Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) Program.

  • The IARO program provides fellows with the means and support necessary to conduct in-country research on contemporary political, economic, historical, or cultural developments relevant to US foreign policy.
  • Eligibility: Grants will be awarded in each of the four categories:
    1. Master's Student IARO
    2. Predoctoral Student IARO
    3. Professional IARO
    4. Postdoctoral Scholar IARO
  • Funding: transportation to host country; housing and living expense monthly allowance; travel visas; emergency evacuation insurance only. (See url link for detailed information on funded expenses.)
  • Web: http://www.irex.org/programs/iaro/index.asp
  • Deadline: November 15th
Samuel H. Kress Foundation

The Practice of Art History and Convervation.

  • The Kress Foundaiton offers grants that develop and utilize the skills and experience of trained professionals, with emphasis on two program area: (1) Esstential Resources and (2) Sharing Expertise.
  • Web: http://www.kressfoundation.org/conserve.html
  • Deadline: anytime
National Academy of Education

Spencer Fellowship Program.

  • The Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program supports early career scholars working in critical areas of education research.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have received their PhD, EdD, or equivalent research degree between 1/1/01 and 12/31/06.
  • Funding: Fellows will receive $55,000 for one academic year of research or $27,500 for each of two contiguous years, working half-time. Fellowsips must begin during the 2007-08 academic year. Up to twenty postdoctoral fellowships will be awarded in 2007.
  • Web: http://www.naeducation.org/NAEd_Spencer_Postdoctoral_Fellowship.html
  • Deadline: November 10th
National Endowment for the Humanities

Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants.

  • NEH invites proposals for the planning or inital stages of digital initiatives in all areas of the humanities. Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants should result in plans, prototypes, or proofs of concept for long-term digital humanities projects prior to implementation.
  • Eligibility: Applicants affiliated with an eligible institution must apply through an institution.
  • Funding: The Grants can comprise up to $30,000 in outright funds. The grant period may extend to eighteen months. Cost-sharing is not required for Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants. However, applicants are welcome to use cost-sharing for start-up projects in which the total budget exceeds the NEH grant limit.
  • Web: http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/digitalhumanitiesstartup.html
  • Deadline: November 15th / April 3rd

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National Science Foundation

CISE Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI).

  • The CRI program supports the acquisition, development, enhancement and operation of research infrastructure that enables discovery, learning, and innovation in all computing fields supported by CISE.
  • Eligibility: Proposals may be submitted by both US graduate-degree-granting institutions and US four-year institutions that have research and education programs in areas supported by CISE research programs.
  • Funding: $18 million for 45-55 awards as follows: up to 35 infrastructure Acquisition/Development awards, up to 20 community Resource Development awards, and up to 10 Planning awards.
  • Web: http://www.nsf.gov/fundiing/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=12810
  • Deadline: October 2nd - Optional letters of intent; November 15th - proposals
Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry


  • The foundation promotes poetry in American culture and encourages grant proposals that expand awareness of the positive effects of poetry on society.
  • Funding: Organizations may apply for grant support from $1,000 to $10,000 for a maximum of three years. The foundation does not support indirect costs for grant administration, endowment funds, capital improvements, or general operating expenses.
  • Web: http://www.bynnerfoundation.org/
  • Deadline: December 1st - letter of intent

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Deadline Links

The following external links are funding deadlines organized by discipline. Please select the applicable discipline to access possible funding opportunities: (courtesy of The Grant Advisor Plus)

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Office Directory


John Hulvey, Director of Sponsored Programs Administration and Accounting
MSC 5728, JMAC-6, Suite 26

Sponsored Programs Administration:
Pre-Award & Post-Award (Non-fiscal)

JMAC-6, Suite 26
MSC 5728

Phone: 568-6872; Fax: 568-6240

Sponsored Programs Accounting :
Post-Award (Grants & Contracts)

JMAC-6, Suite 30
MSC 5713
Fax: 568-2397

Tamara Hatch, Associate Director

Denise Cooper, Grants Specialist
IACUC & Web Manager

Sally Dickenson, Grants Specialist

Carolyn Strong, IRB Research Coordinator
IRB Contact

Donna Crumpton, Financial Administrator

Brenda Seifried, Financial Administrator

Kyra Shiflet, Financial Administrator



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