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Export Control Compliance

About export controls

"Export controls" refers to regulations used by the federal government to control the export of information or items for reasons related to national or economic security and foreign policy.

In academia, these laws may impact researchers if the project involves:

Export control compliance includes the following elements:

Education and training of researchers, administrators, and others

Free training resources:

Delineation of roles and responsibilities of key components and key personnel

Sponsored Projects Administration is to:

  • identify potential restricted areas in proposals and solicitations and assist with modifying them to prevent later issues;
  • identify suspect clauses in awards and contracts and try to get them modified;
  • take all other reasonable steps to help assure compliance with export control regulations; and
  • keep the principal investigator informed about the status of the negotiations.

The Compliance Director

  • assist Sponsored Projects Administration and researchers in complying with export control regulations;
  • provide educational opportunities for the University community; and
  • obtain export control licenses, if needed.


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