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Office of Sponsored Programs Education Opportunity

Please consider joining Carolyn Strong and myself for several sessions to be offered at the CFI January Symposium 2013:

These sessions are a good way to gain understanding about what activities require IRB approval and those that do not and how to prepare an IRB protocol if required. We encourage participation in these interactive sessions to discuss scenarios seeking audience members' input. Participants will learn how to generate a protocol once it is determined an IRB review/approval is required. One-on-one assistance will be offered if you wish to work on your own IRB protocol at one of the Lockdown sessions.

I also encourage you to attend the session on Data Management offered by Library personnel since granting agencies are increasingly requiring a Data Management Plan with proposal submissions:


Assistance Requested from the Student Government Association

Please help spread the message that the Student Government Association has made a survey that seeks student input on the potentiality of a university-wide research symposium at JMU. Through a series of 11 questions, the SGA seeks to learn whether or not JMU students want a student research symposium at the university, how students value research, and if students would participate in or attend presentations. The SGA will carefully consider the responses gathered from the survey when formulating ideas for constructing a research symposium. So far, the survey has gathered just over 120 responses and we would like to see more. The SGA is directly contacting students and various parts of campus in order to encourage a greater number of responses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Year-End Reminders for Grant Activity:
Before we know it, the University will be closing for the Winter Break at noon on December 21st. This time of year it is often difficult to locate individuals for approving signatures for proposal submissions, so we encourage you to submit any proposals from now until then as early as possible.

Additionally, please consider if any of the following actions should be taken related to your Sponsored Project:
Please expedite the following activities if the deadline for it is January 15, 2013 or before:

  1. No-cost extensions (NCE): Many sponsored projects end on December 31st. Sponsors require NCE requests prior to the end of the project period and sometimes 30 days prior to the ending date. Don't delay! Please contact us to assist you with an NCE request.
  2. Effort Reporting: Fall 2012 Effort Certifications Forms will be generated in January 2013 based on salary information available at that time. PARs to pay individuals for Fall work and ATV's to distribute salaries appropriately that are not posted by this time will result in erroneous Effort Certifications. Again, as people leave and departments close for holidays obtaining signatures and completing the submission will become problematic. Please don't forget that HR and Finance/Payroll require time to post the transaction as well.
  3. Grant close-outs: Time to make and record purchases prior to December 31st is also limited by holidays (and perhaps inclement weather). Please expedite all financial transactions so any invoice required prior to December 31st will have complete and accurate information by December 20th to allow time for invoice creation and submission. Further, please complete all required financial and technical reports to allow signatures and submissions.
  4. Proposal development: If you have a funding opportunity that will require a submission prior to January 15, 2013 you should engage Sponsored Programs in development of that proposal now. Counting from December 3rd, there are only 19 work days to submit a proposal with a January 7th due date; 25 work days to meet a January 15th deadline.

Finally, we hope you'll have a relaxing and refreshing holiday season surrounded by loved ones. We look forward to serving you in the New Year!

Timely Topics  

NSF News Item: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education: A Nation Advancing?

The National Research Council (NRC) recently released a report, "Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K-12 STEM Education." Building upon previous work, the report specifies three goals for U.S. K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education:

  • Expand the number of students who ultimately pursue advanced degrees and careers in STEM fields, and broaden the participation of women and minorities,
  • Expand the STEM-capable workforce and broaden the participation of women and minorities, and
  • Increase science literacy for all students

The report emphasizes that further research is required to better assist in how to move forward in improving STEM education. Furthermore, the report examines what data is currently available and provides information on areas that require additional focus.

For the full article:

Compliance Corner  

Research Compliance Training Modules

Are you new to research? Are you hiring someone new to work in the lab? Is there work with animals or bio-hazards? Have you been frustrated in the past with all the different places you had to go to get training? Then no more frustration! Research compliance training in Human Subjects Training, Responsible Conduct of Research, Conflict of Interest, Occupational Health and Safety, and Animal Care and Use training (basic and species specific) are now in one place. JMU is utilizing the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website for all of the above training. The Bio-Safety training curriculum is expected to be on-line in early December.

Simply go to and select Follow the instructions to create a profile and answer the questionnaire as to the training you need to complete. The designated training courses will appear in your profile. Completion reports are automatically sent to you and the Office of Research Compliance. They can be accessed at any time and the training is good for three years. The system will automatically notify you by email when retraining is due. If you have questions contact Pat Buennemeyer, Research Compliance, at 568-7025.