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September 2008 (FY09)

September 2008

As always, please allow extra time for our office to assist you in processing your grant proposals to avoid unnecessary delays or missed deadlines.

REMINDER: Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  Updates from the Director: Printed Monthly Financial Reports to Stop After September 30, 2008

For several years, decentralized access to Monthly Financial Reports has been available though the JMU Financial System.  We believe it is necessary to maintain printed reports to comply with reconciliation and documentation requirements; however, it is highly likely that our mailed reports arrive too late to support these reconciliation efforts; making this copy a waste of time and paper. 

As part of JMU’s ‘go green’ initiative, it is our intent to eliminate our printing and mailing process unless it is determined to be a valuable service.  If you desire to continue receiving these documents from our office, please email Sponsored Programs Accounting at jmu_gcfs@jmu.edu and indicate your desire to continue receiving the reports.  Starting with the September report (mailed in October), we will only mail reports to PI’s that have requested them. 

Thank you for your assistance as we evaluate our services and our impact on the environment.  Questions about this change may be directed to me or to the email address above.
John D. Hulvey
James Madison University
Director, Sponsored Programs
Administration and Accounting

Compliance Corner
  NSF RECENTLY RELEASED ITS “Report to the National Science Board on the National Science Foundations’ Merit Review Process, Fiscal year 2007.”

The report showed that the agency last year received the highest number of proposals in its history—44,577, a 50% increase over 2000.  It made 11,463 awards in 2007, averaging $146,270 each with an average award duration of three years.  Its proposal acceptance rate is 26%, compared to 22% in 2000, the report said.  NSF is beating its “time to decision goal,” by informing 77% of applicants of funding decisions within six months of proposal receipt; the goal was 70%.

Proposals seeking funding from NSF are evaluated based on two merit review criteria: intellectual merit and broader impacts.  The broader impacts” criterion identifies the important outcomes and consequences of NSF –supported research.  A letter was recently issued by NSF that clarifies what is meant by broader impacts and how it is applied by Program Directors in making their final (funding) decisions.”

Link: www.nsf.gov/publications

NSF Posts Agencies' Implementation of Standard Terms and Conditions

July 1 is the date government research agencies will begin using a standard core set of administrative terms and conditions in research and research-related awards to organizations that are subject to OMB Circular A–110. The National Science Foundation's Web site is serving as the central repository for research agencies to post their plans for implementing the standard terms and conditions. Agencies participating in the Federal Demonstration Partnership must use the standard terms and conditions, which were issued in January 2008; other agencies are encouraged to do so.

Link: www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/rtc/index.jsp.

News Items
  Upcoming DEADLINE!!! Commonwealth Health Research Board concept papers due by October 2, 4:00 PM.

If you are planning to submit a concept paper for the upcoming CHRB competition for 2009-2010, you must have your materials to the OSP no later than Thursday, September 25 to ensure adequate time for the final institutional review and approval of your proposal. Please contact the OSP immediately (568-6872) to notify the staff of your intent to submit so we can offer support for budget development and completion of the required forms. For more information:

Funding Resources & Announcements - "HOT" LINKS
  Please visit the "funding sources" link at the following website for resource listings and searchable databases.


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Selected Funding Opportunities
  The American Federation for Aging Research
2009 AFAR Research Grants
The Environmental Protection Agency
Forecasting Ecosystem Services from Wetland Condition Analyses

The National Research Council

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships - Postdoctoral

The National Science Foundation

Alan T. Waterman Award
CHE-DMR-DMS Solar Energy Initiative

Witter Bynner Foundation For Poetry

Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry Grants

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Grant Program
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American Federation for Aging Research
  2009 AFAR Research Grants
  • The major goal of this program is to assist in the development of the careers of junior investigators committed to pursuing careers in the field of aging research.
  • Eligibility: The applicant must be an independent investigator with assigned independent space and must be within the first four years of a junior faculty appointment (instructor, assistant professor or equivalent) by July 1, 2009.
  • Funding: It is anticipated that approximately 15 grants of up to $75,000 each will be awarded in 2009. Applicants may propose to use the award over the course of one or two years as justified by the proposed research. Funds may not be requested for overhead or indirect costs. Funding will begin July 1, 2009.
  • Web: http://www.afar.org/grants.html
  • Deadline: December 16, 2008
  Forecasting Ecosystem Services From Wetland Condition Analyses
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, is seeking applications to develop relationships between wetland ecological condition indicators and ecosystem services delivery. There is a great need to extract maximum value from current efforts to conduct wetland condition surveys and to consider the full range of benefits derived from ecosystem services. (Services provided by ecosystems to humans include provisioning [e.g., providing water food, fuel, fiber]; support [soil fertility, nutrient cycling, pollination]; regulation [climate moderation, flood control]; cultural [economic, spiritual, and recreational benefits]; and preservation [biodiversity, renewable resources].) Methods to demonstrate how data on wetland condition can be used to quantify the services provided by wetlands are vital if state and tribal wetland managers are to ensure continued benefit from those services.
  • Eligibility: Public nonprofit institutions/organizations (includes public institutions of higher education and hospitals) and private nonprofit institutions/organizations (includes private institutions of higher education and hospitals) located in the U.S., state and local governments, Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments, and U.S. territories or possessions are eligible to apply.
  • Funding: $950,000 for about two awards. Potential funding per award will be up to a total of $475,000 including direct and indirect costs, with a maximum duration of 3 years. Cost-sharing is not required.
  • Web: http://es.epa.gov/ncer/rfa/2008/ 2008_star_wetlands.html
  • Deadline: November 3, 2008
The National Research Council
  Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships - Postdoctoral
  • Through its program of Diversity Fellowships, the Ford Foundation seeks to increase the diversity of the nation's college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.
  • Eligibility: Eligibility to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship is limited to: (a) all citizens or nationals of the United States regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation (must have become a U.S. citizen by November 28, 2008), (b) individuals with evidence of superior academic achievement (such as grade point average, class rank, honors or other designations), (c) individuals committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level, and (d) individuals awarded a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree no earlier than November 30, 2001 and no later than November 28, 2008 in an eligible research-based field from a U.S. educational institution.
  • Funding: Fellows receive a one-year stipend of $40,000. The tenure of a postdoctoral fellowship will be no less than 9 months and no more than 12 months, with tenure beginning no earlier than June 1, 2009 and no later than September 1, 2009.
  • Web: http://www7.nationalacademies.org/fellowships/ (Left hand column, click Ford Fellowships)
  • Deadline: November 28, 2008
  Alan T. Waterman Award
  • Congress established the Alan T. Waterman Award in August 1975 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the National Science Foundation and to honor its first Director. The annual award recognizes an outstanding young researcher in any field of science or engineering supported by the National Science Foundation. In addition to a medal, the awardee receives a grant of $500,000 over a three year period for scientific research or advanced study in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, social, or other sciences at the institution of the recipient's choice.
  • Eligibility: Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and must be 35 years of age or younger or not more than 7 years beyond receipt of the Ph.D. degree by December 31 of the year in which they are nominated. Candidates eligible for the 2008 award must be born on or after 1972, or received their Ph.D. on or after 2000. Candidates should have demonstrated exceptional individual achievements in scientific or engineering research of sufficient quality to place them at the forefront of their peers. Criteria include originality, innovation, and significant impact on the field.
  • Funding: $500,000 over a three year period for scientific research or advanced study in the mathematical, physical biological, engineering, social, or other sciences.
  • Web: http://www.nsf.gov/od/waterman/waterman.jsp
  • Deadline: December 16, 2008 preliminary proposals; March 9, 2009 full proposals

CHE-DMR-DMS Solar Energy Initiative

  • The purpose of the CHE-DMR-DMS Solar Energy Initiative is to support interdisciplinary efforts by groups of researchers to address the scientific challenges of highly efficient harvesting, conversion, and storage of solar energy. Groups must include three or more co-Principal Investigators; one must have demonstrated high expertise in chemistry, a second in materials research, and a third in mathematical sciences. The goal here is to create a new modality of linking the mathematical with the chemical and materials sciences to develop transformative paradigms in an area of much activity but largely incremental advances. Successful proposals will offer potentially transformative projects and new concepts based on the integrated expertise and synergy from the three disciplinary communities.
  • Eligibility: Universities and Colleges: Universities and two- and four-year colleges (including community colleges) located and accredited in the US, acting on behalf of their faculty members.
  • Funding: $5 million for 3-10 awards, with funding durations of up to three years.
  • Web: http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp? pims_id=503298
  • Deadline: December 16, 2008 preliminary proposals; March 9, 2008 full proposals
Witter Bynner Foundation For Poetry

Witter Bynner Foundation For Poetry Grants

  • Through a bequest from Witter Bynner in 1972, The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry perpetuates the art of poetry. The foundation promotes poetry in American culture and encourages grant proposals that expand awareness of the positive effects of poetry on society.
  • Eligibility: Grant support is provided to non-profit, tax exempt organizations. Foundation staff reviews applications before they are submitted to independent reviewers for additional evaluation. Reviewers rotate each year and are selected from professionals in the field, including former grant recipients. The Board of Directors review selected applications and make the final determination of annual programming. Reviewers' comments are not available to applicants.
  • Funding: Organizations may apply for grant support from $1,000 to $10,000 for a maximum of three years. The foundation does not support indirect costs for grant administration, endowment funds, capital improvements, or general operating expenses.
  • Web: http://www.bynnerfoundation.org/
  • Deadline: December 1, letter of intent


Ewing Marion Kauffman Grant Program

  • The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation supports programs that have significant potential to demonstrate innovative service delivery in support of education and entrepreneurship by providing funding, consultation and technical assistance. The foundation provides: idea grants to get innovation moving; seed grants to pilot and test good ideas; and scale grants to refine and bring good programs up to scale.
  • Eligibility: 501 (c) (3) organizations.
  • Funding: Grants range from a few thousand dollars to several million.
  • Web: http://www.kauffman.org
  • Deadline: Ongoing for letters

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The following external links are funding deadlines organized by discipline. Please select the applicable discipline to access possible funding opportunities: (courtesy of The Grant Advisor Plus)

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John Hulvey, Director of Sponsored Programs Administration and Accounting
MSC 5728, JMAC-6, Suite 26

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