James Madison University
Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Quick Reference Guide for Proposal Development

Prepare to Apply



  Develop concept

  • Outline project in terms of duration, resources needed

  Find funding opportunities


  Notify OSP

  • Share RFP/RFA or Program Guidelines and sponsor deadline
  • Work with OSP to meet application requirements 

Develop Proposal


  Write proposal

  • Read solicitation or funding announcement and follow requirements carefully

   Info iconOSP will help PI develop a budget and assist with required forms

Obtain Approvals


  Complete Internal Approval Form

   Route Internal Approval Form for approval with project description and final budget

   Obtain signatures on Page 2 of Internal Approval Form 

  • Co-PI’s and investigators, if applicable
  • Department Head or designee(s) AND
  • Next higher level of authority within school (ex. Dean or VP)

  All departmental units involved in proposal must have endorsements of their Dept. Head & Dean

Route to OSP 


  Submit signed Internal Approval Form and final proposal to OSP

  • OSP accepts scanned Internal Approval forms IF all signatures are legible and on one page
  • Verify final proposal is complete, including all appendices
  • OSP should receive materials at least 5 business days before submission deadline
    (earlier for complex proposals, multiple departments/institutions, or cost sharing)

  info-icon-blue-2OSP reviews and obtains final university approval and authorized signature

Submit to Sponsor 

  • Hard copy (mail) proposals: With adequate lead time, OSP may be able to submit; otherwise the PI must complete the mailing to the sponsor.
  • Electronic proposals: OSP submits all electronic proposals
purple-right-arrowStart proposals early!   purple-left-arrow

For assistance, contact OSP at 568-6872 or jmu_grants@jmu.edu

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