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High quality research in social work is important for many reasons. Research may be utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of the practice in which social workers engage and the programs they implement.  Development of new knowledge, policies and programs often result from research efforts.  It is also essential for faculty to conduct scholarship about teaching and learning in social work education to ensure that our department is providing high-quality education for our students. 

Faculty members in the Department of Social Work are actively involved in the creation of new knowledge for social work practice and education.  They often work together, with faculty from other departments/universities and/or with students as they engage in research efforts.  Building from their areas of interest and practice experience, JMU social work faculty are studying a wide range of topics including groupwork with vulnerable youth, military families, diversity education, service-learning, substance abuse, interprofessional education, child welfare partnerships and field education. 

The results of their scholarship efforts are disseminated through books, journal articles and presentations.  In the past four years, JMU social work faculty made over 20 presentations at national or international conferences, as well as an additional 13 state and local presentations.

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