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Nonprofit Studies

Working in the nonprofit sector opens doors in multiple arenas:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social welfare

The Nonprofit Studies minor is designed for students from a variety of majors interested in working in the nonprofit sector. The Nonprofit Studies minor provides students with grounding in the skills and perspectives necessary to work in one of the 1.6 million nonprofit organizations in the US today. You will participate in an experience that emphasizes the critical role of the nonprofit sector in 21st Century Society through in-depth study, research and an internship.

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Upcoming Information Meetings

  • Tuesday, March 24th @ 5:00pm HHS # 1208

Distinguishing Features

Faculty are drawn from academics and practitioners who are well grounded in current nonprofit practice and issues

  • Faculty use a variety of innovative and experiential approaches to enhance learning
  • Guest speakers, field trips and community service opportunities familiarize you with a wide variety of nonprofit settings
  • Supervised Internship under an experienced nonprofit professional in your major discipline
  • Capstone seminar providing an understanding of the catalytic role nonprofits can play in civil society through collaborative efforts
  • Exposure to national and regional professional organizations
  • Housed in the Department of Social Work

Course of Study

In conjunction with your major advisor and the Nonprofit Studies advisor you will select a Major Elective and a supporting elective.

The core courses of the Nonprofit Studies (NPS) minor are:

  • NPS 300 Introduction to Nonprofits 3 credits
  • NPS 320 Nonprofit Management 3 credits
  • NPS 400 Internship/Practicum in Nonprofit Studies 4 credits
  • NPS 450 Nonprofit Studies Capstone Seminar 3 credits
  • Major Elective (a course supporting the student’s major 3 credits or related field of study to be determined in consultation with Nonprofit Studies adviser)
  • Elective (to be determined in consultation with Nonprofit 3 credits Studies adviser)
    TOTAL 19 credits

A complete listing of all core and elective courses is available in the Social Work department section of the official JMU Undergraduate Catalog at:


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