Sport & Recreation Management


   The faculty of SRM welcomes everyone to a new academic year.  We hope all of you have had a rewarding and invigorating summer, and we look forward to an exciting and educationally challenging 2012-2013.  As always, every SRM faculty member asks that you stop by offices, and if you are a new student to SRM, introduce yourself and learn more about each of us and the SRM program...and if you are a returning SRM student, let us know how your summer went and what is new or changing in your life.  A great part of our enjoyment of teaching is the personal interaction with students, so stop by often.

     It is obvious that our webpage has not progressed much since last year.  But to keep you advised, that is going to change relatively soon.  The delay was due to a pending release of a new  University-wide software which will be used to create and maintain web pages.  That new software was made available in mid-July.  Unfortunately, it will require more time for our webmaster to attend the required classes for the software and to make the changes to the website, but at least we are moving forward with that process.

   In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning the website or any matter concerning your undergraduate experience, please direct them to any faculty member.  We want help any way that we can.