Sport & Recreation Leadership
Masters Program

The SRL program is no longer accepting applications.  If you are interested in information about the 2015 Fall semester, refer to this website and/or contact Dr. Benjamin Carr at 540-830-2000.

For graduate assistantship information, you may either contact Dr. Benjamin Carr or click on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.

Program Overview

  SRL Background:  SRL has been in existence for over 25 years at JMU as a "concentration" within the Kinesiology Masters curriculum.  The SRL classes can be found in the graduate catalog under the Kinesiology title.  However, SRL is operated independently from Kinesiology in all aspects, and students are not required to take any classes which are "true" kinesiology classes.  SRL is currently seeking SCHEV approval to become its own Masters program, and that is anticipated to be finalized prior to the 2014-2015 academic year.

  SRL Mission:  The Sport & Recreation Leadership program is designed to empower students with the education and skill sets necessary to succeed and become a leader in the Sport or Recreation industries. 

  SRL Edge: Sport and Recreation are very competitive markets, so our faculty is comprised of professionals who have actually worked in a Sport and/or Recreation field.  That "real world" experience" and understanding of the practical knowledge and skills that students will need in their careers provide the "edge" that they will need to move ahead and stay ahead of the herd. 

  SRL Philosophy:  Although foundational theories and information must be learned, our primary focus is upon teaching the practical knowledge and "how to" skill sets which students will actually be using in his/her career.  And, unlike many other Masters level programs which focus solely upon either Sport or Recreation, students are exposed to relevant information and examples from both disciplines.  Historically, this has proven to provide our students with far greater career flexibility and qualifications for more job opportunities.

 Our students learn that practical knowledge and those skill sets from professors who have real career experience in the subject matter he/she teaches.  We believe that the best professor is one who can connect theoretical foundations to the skills actually being utilized in sport and recreation careers.
As examples, a lawyer teaches law, a marketer teaches marketing, a manager teaches management, etc.

Program Tracks

 Students entering the SRL program must elect to puruse either the Sport and Recreation track or the Campus Recreation track.  The Campus Recreation component is unique in that it is the only Masters level program in the United States which focuses on campus recreation.

Curriculum Snapshot

  Both Sport and Rec and Campus Rec are two (2) year programs with thirty-three (33) total credit hours required.  Both have twenty-four (24) credit hours of pre-set classes, a three (3) credit-hour internship and six (6) hours of elective classes.  SR and CR students share five "core" classes during the two years, and the first year classes consist primarily of those "core" classes.  Switching from one concentration to the other is not recommended, but can be done upon receiving the approval of the student's adviser and the program director.

   For more specific SRL or CRL curriculum information, click HERE.

Graduate Assistantships

  Sport and Recreation Leadership does not currently offer GA positions within the department, however there are a number of sport and/or recreation related GA positions throughout JMU, and a large number of past SRL students have received GA positions at JMU.  If you are interested in the possibility of a GA position at JMU, click HERE.

   If you are interested in the Campus Recreation Leadership track, those students have first priority in obtaining GA positions offered through UREC (JMU's student recreation facility) such as the Intramural and Pool internships.  Other students interested in GA positions with UREC can apply, but it is unlikely that a non-Campus Recreation student would receive those GA positions.  If you are interested in the Campus Recreation track and/or have interest in the UREC GA positions, click HERE.